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Fire in the Sky

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/fire-in-the-sky/

Let’s heat things up!

New Troop: Fire Giant

The Fire Giants of Stormheim have been in disgrace since their king, Jarl Firemantle was defeated in battle. However, they’ve been trying to keep things a little fresh on the battlefield as of late.
Some of the sharply-dressed young fire giants have been growing their beards longer, and setting fire to them less; they’ve been getting identical tattoos to show their individuality, and they’ve even hunting down some indie Orcish rock bands to inspire them to greater feats of murder and destruction.

Please note this Event is exclusive to the Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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First baby

First 10 char

Not this time :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was there, I saw it!

Look like a good troop but these restrictions make this troop suck

Interesting - Fire in Snow… Sounds like GoT :slight_smile:

I can see this guy working pretty good with Infernus.
Maybe in a Alchemist/Hellcat loop.


I’m planning to run him with Infernus. :slight_smile:


We really need Sriracha Troll or whatever they will call the one that creates red to help complement this guy…


If only I had infernus traited, or Jarl .

Guess i’m just left with Ifrit, Dimetraxia, or fire lizard if I want fire without much extra damage.

Also Ifrit and Dimextraxia will soften up the enemy for the extra gems.

And not the boy band -.-



Yay, cool new troop. Time for a Jotnar Stormshield rework?

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Is the +500 gold working correctly?

I’m using an all-giant team (rock troll, jarl, fire giant, G&G). The 1 trophy match offers me 865 gold, and my gold multiplier is 225%.

By my calculations, I should gain 865*2.25, +100 (gold earned during the match), +500 gold for an all-giant team. I should therefore gain 2546 gold for the win, but I only get 2171.

It’s quite possible that I’ve made a mistake somewhere though…

Edit: I’ve submitted a support ticket for this.

The gold earned during the match is subject to the same multiplier as match gold. So (865+100)*2.25 = 2171, suggesting that the bonus gold is not being included at all.

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Thank you. I also checked my global gold before and after, but this hasn’t factored in the +500 either.

Awesome troop. Great fun so far. Smashing it with:

Fire Giant

Red/Yellow banner

I just found Jotnar with an event key, but don’t have the stones to trait him :frowning: . He is a possibility for last place, but Gar’nak still has better synergy I think.

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hmm they dont create fire on their own… i find it very intriguing :thinking:

Would Titan/Dawnbringer be better? In order to start with Giants at 50%