Weekly Event: Hammer Time

Crush your enemies with a mighty hammer, and check out new balancing changes!
Details >> Hammer Time – Gems of War

(Weekly Events only appear on Steam and Mobile)

Big surprise lol.

This hammer looks really interesting!

Can’t touch this event :stuck_out_tongue:


This will go great with Dark Song. :grin:

Should I finish the team off with Celestasia and Sunweaver, or try to find some bonuses?

Unhappy. :v:

:+1: You got my approval. (For whatever that’s worth)

I’d’ve actually probably been harsher on the poor troops. Good thing I’m not in charge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Balance changes feel ok, let’s see how it plays.

Personally felt it would help if Gob Shaman was changed type away from Marauder too…

You are walking a fine line so as not to have some random person suddenly flag you for racism :stuck_out_tongue:

a little disappointed in the goblin nerfs. They are still gonna be tanky like hell with the bonuses. I hope the team tested the nerfs with all the kingdom bonuses before rolling out the nerfs.

The Kingdom Bonuses for these guys are another matter entirely. Is the Goblin bonus from Zaejin giving a bit too much tank? Probably, yes, but we’d rather take a look at this week’s changes, watch what’s happening out in the wild, and think long and hard about potential kingdom bonus changes before we commit to making too many changes at once just for the sake of one or two builds, which DO have some counters.

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Honestly, the Goblin’s bonuses are fine, the only real issue is they’re of the few troops that mix well together.

Other kingdoms are missing those one or two troops to really make them work. Like the Cyclops being giant rather than Marauder, or Templar being Knight rather than Divine. So it’s not the goblins themselves, but rather their synergy that makes them more viable.

This is why I look forward to new troops every other week, as each addition makes a kingdom more viable as a “team” rather than a mishmash smorgasbord of humdinger knows what!


The other thing Gobbos have going for them is that due to the Shaman and low casting costs (and yes due to the extra turns), they do not mind about mana overlap the same way other kingdoms do. So two thirds of your line-up uses green? Who cares.

I’m going to try out this anti-goblin team later today and see how it works out:

X2 Dark Song/The Silent One/Goblin Crusher
Will probably use Horned Banner (green/red)
Uses all mana colors, the Dark Songs can tank and deal 22 dmg when possible. If TSO activates it’s pretty much game over for the gobbys and Crusher can clean up!

Meh I don’t know, I never really had any problems to with goblins to begin with. I feel like after the shaman nerf we will see so few of them that making a whole team will be kinda pointless.

Chain Flail strikes again! You heard it here first!

Wrong image again. Daily login splash and in-store.

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Yep - currently tracking this down… all I can say is that the internet is a mystery sometimes.
Our servers have the correct file, but the games are downloading the incorrect file…

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Okay - weird caching issue has been solved!

I think the goblin changes make sense. I would still support Jainus’s idea to remove marauder from the shaman as well.

I think kingdom synergy, type synergy, and most of all kingdom bonuses from lvl 10 kingdoms are a bigger problem than any given team. With true strike going downhill in popularity due to health increases, there are several kingdom synergy bonuses giving out 10 overall health (armor + health). The lvl 10 bonuses are by far the most offensive as you don’t have to work any kind of synergy to get them. Yes, they take a lot of work to get, but they take nothing to maintain, so once you have them you are incredibly hard to beat regardless of team. If the intention is to provide long term players an edge over newbies, then it works incredibly well and there is no change needed.

Overall, the bonuses have broken the innate balance built into the cards. Since I assume they are here to stay, I would look at whether they are doing what you want globally, not in relation to a specific troop type or kingdom. Perhaps the bonuses need to be reduced in level globally. +5 health for all zaejin troops would still be awesome, but nowhere near as game breaking as the current +10. Personally I like them where they are, the main thing I wish for is a way to provide a type / kingdom for your hero.

The goblins do benefit from what appears to be actual organization within their kingdom set. If that is inentional, then I would suggest a review of all kingdoms with an eye towards what you want their “thing” to be. Sync up their types and abilities with an eye towards their “preferred” combos. Several peeps have noted that quite a few kingdoms are one “minor” change away from being able to build their own combos. Most of these are in the realm of troop type which seems like it would be one of the easiest changes to try out. Once all the kingdoms start working well with themselves, I think you will see less annoyance that the Gobbies do such a good job of it.

Overall, as always, great job guys. I apprecaite the baby steps when it comes to changes. Even if that means a troop takes successive changes over a short period of time. I would rather that than a massive change that you feel the need to “live with” even if it doesn’t get it right.


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