Weekly Event: Fortissmo

Ready to perform?

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That will be very nice for arena.

If only you could see my face whenever I see the weekly event comes with a new weapon and not something else. I know you guys can’t be releasing new troops each week and it would be more than irracional to ask for it. But since ~90% of the weapons are useless and we only get them for collection, I think would be more fun if instead of weapons we get currency events like those you guys try to make work months ago of double gold using specific troops and such, or at least, awesome collection stickers that wouldn’t make me feel so underwhelmed. Of course all this words only exprese my personal opinion and that said, I don’t think current system is bad, just that it could be improve!

With love, Me.


Yikes that sounds very powerful!!! What’s the mana cost - must be pretty high surely…

Bracing myself for True Shot Orions and Reinforced Paladins…

Wow, that’s a lot of true damage, no matter who you ask. I’ll be very excited to see how these sorts of weapons fit in once heroes get their buff.

Well the good news is that we’re going to be switching to NOTHING BUT TROOP WEEKS for the next 1-2 months!


Whaaaaaaaaaaaat :explodes:

I would like to say you surprise me but you don’t, you guys have proven to be an excelent development team and that it’s something you could totally do. When I first wrote that comment I meant permanent releases of troops weekly, not for a planned period of time. Those still are good news as you say and am looking foward for all the other stuff comming with it!

Great news!!!

:newspaper: Time to dance yourself up to this weeks Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

You can’t have a party without music, and what better to party with than a weapon that forces foes to their feet? Say hello to Crescendo!

Have you ever been up against an army of Skeletons and thought, “Man, if only I could blow them all away in one shot.” Well now you can! This baby does the truest of True Damage while also powering itself up. It doesn’t stop there though, if you manage to get those bones dancing their feet off (literally) and back into their graves, you’ll get yourself an Extra Turn, just enough time to celebrate with some victory tunes!

While all that’s fine and dandy, Hero’s might not live up to your expectations quite yet, that’s okay! As a consolation, you can jam out with the Blade Dancer, Orion, or even the stickler Paladin, with this weeks spot-Light Traitstone.

:newspaper: Partied out? Be sure to ready yourself to do it again by the next Weekly Feedback Report! :sparkle::sparkle::sparkle:

[Match you next time!]


I went to the troop menu, swapped to hero tab, and enabled ‘show all’ and since the patch had come through, its there.

And it looks like 9 true damage is what we get at my level. 500+ hero, Darkstone and Karakoth at lvl10.

It only costs 14. I was expecting 18. This makes Crimson Bat look like a mosquito - a normal sized one with no life-threatening diseases. … OK I suppose a Mythic Crimson Bat would have 8 but its still not as good.

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But look at it like this, it uses neither of the same mana colors as Crimson Bat, so you could actually use them both! Someone wanna build a team around that? Maybe with Soothsayer or a mana generator?


Gorgotha is easy, fills out six colors.

I just don’t like the concept of a legendary troop that used to be good (after the time it was gamebreaking but ignore that), which then was steadily made worse and worse by the rising stats… and is now totally overshadowed by how strong this thing is.

And that’s before whatever is happening to heroes in 1.0.9 too.

I get where you’re coming from.

I do however like that the long-neglected hero can overcome legendary characters…after all they are a hero, not a peasant. And no doubt the bards write songs about the hero vanquishing said legends. Perhaps the lower mana is offset somehwat by the lower health/armour/attack of the hero compared to the legendary characters?

Eika is smiling from top to toe. :slightly_smiling:

So about this hero changes in 1.09. When can we expect this update to hit? :slightly_smiling:
I know soon will be a response, but just a 10-20-30 days approximately :grin:

From the various tidbits I recall reading, 1.09 was targeted for mid February originally. However, as it is split into two, one part which was ready was going to be out earlier, and the other part (PvP changes) due out later. So I am thinking 1.09 part I should be out in next 14 days (of course, just my speculation).

My suggestion is that we give the Devs some patience and rather wait for the whole 1.09, instead of two parts of it. I might be hated for this opinion, but thats okay. :slightly_smiling:

Probably closer to 20 days than 14. I could be wrong though. Hope so.