Weekly Event: Fortissmo

It was split, because one of the devs had a baby, and is taking some time off. That dev is needed for the changes that are being pushed back. Splitting the update was a reasonable move by the dev team.

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Well, maybe it dressed it to be split. Lets see what is coming. :slightly_smiling:

We really need the bug fix portion of the patch too. So even though waiting the extra month or two for the full patch normally wouldn’t be terrible, dealing with the Agile Bug for another month would be frustrating.

Just look how many support threads get opened about the Agile Bug, then realize these are the people making it to the forums. So who knows how many new customers hit the bug, and just look at the game as broken.

@Sirrian Mentionned on the website article (not here on the forum but on the link posted by Nimhain up there) that this particular weapon may probably get a nerf post 1.0.9 . It is a bit overpowered on purpose so it would make the hero a viable option.

Might break the Arena though.

On another note, I’m happy they finally created something worth using running on Green / Purple gems. I often found it was lacking something reliable on, except Venoxia but I don’t like her since her rework :confused:

I will expect some Alchemist / Cresendo / Shadow Dragon or Green Slime / Green Seer / Cresendo now, it might be good but no worth using as offensive decks since you can’t really play a Valkyrie with that :o

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but whata hell, the banner photo shows 9 true damage for everyone, and it bought 6 true damage, have all the kingdoms that give spell at level 10.

@Sirrian @Nimhain hmmmmm…
I think the weapon might be bugged.
At 10 Magic, it deals 7 true damage to all. Makes me wonder what it does at 0 - 3 magic.

But the point is that on the image uploaded to the website, for a magic lvl of 8, your hero seems to deal 9 true damage to all !

That image looks incorrect doesn’t it… I wonder if we grabbed it during testing

The formula for Crescendo is DAMAGE = 2 + MAGIC/2 (rounded down)

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That is odd.

I definitely had it as 9 damage in-game a few hours ago, so I suspect the patch from sometime in the last hour changed that and the picture was from before.

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Yup, I also saw that using the “see all” in the hero tab.

Anyway, it’s nice to see that the formulas aren’t limited to “damage = X + 1*magic”. This was needed to bring balance as “magic + 1” doesn’t do the same on a Behemoth than on an Ancient Horror…

Still odd, but in that light it bodes well for things like split damage troops (i…e Hydra) who we might see with damage = X + 2*magic …

Okay - updated the image, and checked our development logs… it got rebalanced last week, that screenshot was from 3 weeks ago!

The new version of the weapon deployed out with this week’s event data just before it went live.

Sorry for the confusion!
Had we not had our heads buried in some new traits for 1.0.9 all day, we would have spotted that inconsistency.


The Guild of Roisin is a firm believer in the principle of less whining and more whupping.

any hope for us new player that missed a lot of event weapons to get them back? i don’t really care about the weapon themself but i like to build a collection when it comes to this sort of game and there is nothing more annoying than a collection you can’t complete

Noooooooooo! I need more double-colored weapons for my favorite mode, arena!

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Wow! This seems indicated that we would need a whole lots of souls , glory to catch up the trend.

BTW Question? Anyone ? Which troop need the Arcane light traistone ?

Maybe you should really consider releasing some sort of old weapon pack alongside the actual glory bundle each week. I myself have started playing only like two months ago and I am sure there are lot of people like me, who are missing vast majority of the old event-only weapons…

I mean theres a lot of event weapons and if you plan to use weekly events for new release the demand to introduce old weapons is only gonna go up.

For myself I have to say that I really hate games that have some sort of unobtainable collectibles… Its like ''Oh, you havent been playing since the beta? Oh, you missed last weeks event? I am sorry, brah, but you will never ever be able to get those special items, cause were bunch of douchebag devs who think having exclusive unobtainable items makes our game better somehow." Just please, dont let GoW become that kind of game. So far I am having a blast playing and stuff like that really spoils the fun.

Yes, you should release a staff of madness pack!

See this wonderful pictorial guide by @KAYA43V3R.

Yes to both of these things… we agree!
The plan is to release low-rarity troops on what was previously “weapon week” (the game needs more Commons & Ultra-Rares right now). On those weeks, we’ll also make previous event weapons available in the store for GLORY! Might even extend the weapon thing to ALL weeks to help the newer players… we’ll see.
Staff of Madness is coming soon, @Machiknight! We promise :slight_smile:


Does the happy “full collection” dance!