Weekly Event: Cow-a-bone-ga

The mayhem of the weekend is over and Skeleros is here to turn the tide!
Get the details >> Cow-a-bone-ga – Gems of War

So mana cost reduced from 11 to 8?

I think this troop should be a Ultra Rare Troop, not Epic… It’s so weak…

Couple of typos:
“Weekely” in topic title
“Minotuar” under New Troop: Skeleros

We have a little buff planned for him once 1.0.7 hits, as we were unable to do it in 1.0.6. Hang tight, he will get better.

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"The weekend is over and its time for " is missing an apostrophe “it’s” as in “it is time for”, the time is not owned by the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear we do actually read over these :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to say that I really like that troop design. :smile:

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Possible to get a status update on this? Thank you in advance.

And the planned buff was?

We’re still discussing the best buff for him. If we improve the effectiveness of his spell, it would mean that we would have to increase his mana cost as well.

Currently he destroy skulls and creates skulls for 8 mana, which is actually really good. We saw many people winning games with him at PAX over the weekend.

I like him with the current mana cost please. It would kill his theme if that increases. Right now he works well with his sister.
Increasing mana costs would ruin the GoW Sibling Combo.
Do you really want to be the dev studio that tears a family appart when even death couldn’t?

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