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Video: Sylvanimora the Dragon Teams

Hello everyone! Today I go over the addition of the Sylvanimora dragon. This troop is exclusive to event chests for this week only and will be in the key drop pool around some time in September.



Another great video.

One thing I don’t quite understand is why his skill cost is so high?

In comparison to other people’s skills I’m not understanding what makes this troop cost 17?

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Yea, a friend and I were discussing his mana cost. It seems like it would be better at 15 than 17.

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The Explode a Column actually generates a ton of mana in addition to potentially dropping more matches into place. It is not uncommon for him to fill another troop entirely or himself with a single cascade. More importantly, unlike random Exploders, he can leave one side of the board largely untouched to bait skulls or set up for a converter, allowing you to gain a bunch of mana and still largely have board control. The main problem is the prevalence of mana drain/impervious, (manticore is an extremely cheap hard counter) and the fact that for 17 mana, it is well behind the curve compared to every other recent legendary (Khorvash, Mab, IK, Maw). Without exploiting the entangle trait, his dual generator/AoE purpose leaves him slightly less effective at either one. Compared to the 17 cost of Gloomleaf, though, the spell is positively amazing.


Ho much is the mana cost to explode a row because it seems to be worth a lot. Another thing that bothers me is how much mana entangle should cost. Aoe should cost a lot but not to put it at double digits.

Flesh Golem’s explode a row - gain life - reduce enemy magic by 1 only costs 12 mana, but the life gain and magic debuff is nowhere comparable to full AoE damage. By contrast, Zombie’s straight life gain and skull remove costs 8 mana, but gives more life. Atlanta’s full AoE only costs 13, but does a couple more damage. It makes sense then for the combination of both exploding a column and full AoE to cost 17, with the damage being slightly low for both happening on the same turn. Mainly it is that he is not as far above the power curve as the other recent legendaries and is so easily countered by stuff that came first (and was far easier to obtain).