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Video: Abynissia the Daemon Queen Builds

Hello everyone! Today I go over a bunch of teams that you can use with the new mythic, Abynissia. She is an exploder troop with the highest mana cost of any exploding troop in the entire game, but it able to summon Infernal King. Her use is mainly to assist other Daemons or other exploding troops. Using her in any team, like many other legends, requires her to have troop feeding her mana.


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I’m curious how that last team does against Maw teams, since none of those troops have any targeted damage or debuffs.

It doesn’t sound hopeless - whittle him down before Devour, and failing that hope you can keep him entangled and/or he misses the summoner. Just curious if you tested against Maw and if so how that team did.

I use the last team, but with Bombot in front instead of Gorgotha. If you manage an entangle early on, you’ll get a nice little AoE boost out of your first cast which will speed things up a bit, while still contributing to charging the others. Even if you don’t, you can dispose of the Bombot and get an infernal king out, who is a bit faster at closing out the fight than just exploding back and forth for AoE, especially if they use a hero.

Maw is usually no problem for any of my explode chain teams unless he has an uninterruptible turn 1 mercy setup. This team I’ve had sylvanimora devoured and still easily won the fight, because the maw was entangled when he cast the devour, and the front spot still take the brunt of the damage from skull explodes, not to mention random cascades or the infernal king cast once you get him out.