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Maugrim Woods Kingdom Rework... Rework

Hi Everyone,

We’re just releasing some small rebalancing to the reworked Maugrim Woods troops.

We’re very sorry that we released them to you in a state that wasn’t final… we were rushing to get the troops out with the Maugrim Woods event today, and unfortunately we pushed them live without the usual tests we’ve learned to do.

That is entirely MY fault by the way… I’m supposed to be the one in charge of quality control around here!
It gets VERY busy some weeks being a small team, and this update just brings it home to me that “Just push it live - it looks near enough” is NEVER the correct approach to game updates!

@Nimhain will follow my post here with the changes.


We’ll forgive you lol

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  • Boost Ratio has been reduced from 2:1 to 4:1
  • Mana cost increased from 9 to 10

Cockatrice will be added to the refund list.


  • Gate Guardian’s chance to summon a Warg has be reduced from 50% to 25%


  • Pack Master’s chance to summon a Warg has be reduced from 25% to 20%
  • Fixed the issue which caused him to keep able to summon himself even if he didn’t have traits unlocked.

Very reactive, good job :+1:

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It happens to the best of us; all this proves is you guys are human and screw up like the rest of us. Thanks for fixing it so quickly; sounds like it would have been nasty to play against. :slight_smile:


There is something wrong pretty much every single week. Nothing new this time.

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Thanks for reactive and quick action regarding this matter but I doubt that lowering the chance will fix it. Wargs was keep respawning from “Gate Guardian” trait eventhough there was no Kerberos left (or there was Kerberos but summond warg overlap its place).

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We believe the latest fix should have addressed this. Make sure you have the download.

Okay. Sure, will do. Thanks Nim and team.

There’s still a bug: After killing Kerberos x4, and the 3 Wargs that followed, I could see 2 ‘ghost’ Kerberos were left, the match ended but got stuck on a spinning wheel. (and just to be clear, I did get the latest fix).

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Hi @nimhain @Sirrian I am on Steam, and have the latest download, and still get the bug: Kerberos’ third trait is summoning Wargs even though all the Kerberos are dead - am getting the Gate Guardian trait flash up…

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Same happening here.

Thank you for pouncing on this one Nimhain! We really appreciate Devs relentless focus on making this game and Community Amazing!


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I play other games with huge multi-million dollar budgets, and they still have bugs. For a small team the guys (and gals) working on Gems do a great job. One of the reasons I enjoy this game is they try to keep it fresh and respond to the community for the betterment of the game (this is rare to find).

In addition, it only took a few hours to resolve the minor issues with the update. Yes, it shouldn’t have happened but in the big picture of weekly content its probably not entirely going away anytime soon.

In addition, If you want a few less bugs and a little more troop balance, play on console. :wink:


I played your defense, and had at least 10 Wargs summoned against me… I thought they were endless until the final one fell. Something is definitely not correct, right now.

I know right, it took me 10 minutes to beat my own defense team xD
But it is correct if you consider that 3 kerberos each have their shot at summoning a Warg.

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This was once the Kerbs had been killed off, once during the conflict I killed the last remaining Warg, and it summoned 3 to replace it!! 3!

Yeah you probably killed Warg Junior. And his older brothers Warg Senior, Warg Senior second, and Warg Senior Third came to see who is messing with their little brother!

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This is my brother Warg, and my other brother Warg…


Yo dawg! I heard you like Wargs?!