Weekly Event: Bomb Squad

Fly your Hero to the moon this week with their own ridable Goblin Rocket!
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The Techies are fed up with being nerfed in DotA 2. They set up shop in GoW. Sounds like a fun idea. :slight_smile:

Goody! Another explosive to add to my collection! If there’s one thing I love, it’s abilities that go BOOM!

Green Seer, the Webspinner’s #1 support fan. Go Team Green!

Like the balance changes for Sparky and Sunweave, she really did have too much power with a mana boost that scaled.

Take as much time as you need, leaderboards are hardly what I’d call “important” when 1.0.7 is just around the corner. :smiley:

U plays doto?

OT “isn’t far off” in days is? I plays doto as well, so Valve time works as well

Well, I used to play doto a lot, but after a lot of connection problems I’ve kind of stopped (nothing kills a game more than a team member disconnecting randomly, so no way I was going to force it on my friends). And when the Internet issues were solved, I fell back to D3, and my friends kept complaining about Reborn bugs, so that kind of detracted me for a while. I really need to play DotA again though, especially since they buffed my lovely Veno. :couplekiss:
But even if I stopped playing recently, I’m following the Frankfurt Majors and alt, so I should get back to it now. :slight_smile:

As someone who likes punctuality i gotta say (and dont hate me for this :smiley: )
DotA is an abbreviation, and since valve cant use original blizzard/warcraft names, the name is DOTA2.

Reborn uses source 2 so if you have a powerful computer/laptop it should run much better than in source 1. As for the bugs, they keep patching them, but other than random pathing issues, there are no game-breaking bugs atm :wink:

Have fun playing.

I know it’s an abbreviation, but seeing that we were specifically talking about Valve’s game, I really don’t see the point of adding the 2 at the end. If you go that road, doto is not the right name either, yet everyone knows it.

doto is a meme :smile:
i just noticed that you like to type DotA, while reffering to DOTA2 and it was perfectly fine, i was just nitpicking :slight_smile:

i said no hate pls, didnt i? :frowning:

You’d need to do a lot more for me to hate you. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not that sensitive. :slight_smile:

Don’t sell forgiveness so cheap. Should have said “I won’t hate you if you like three of my suggestions in the Feature Request subsection of the forum”.

Oh yeah, totally. I’m, like, super evil and vindictive you know. Mel is right. Go like every single post and topic I wrote and then I might feel some clemency. I am sooooo dark. :japanese_ogre:
(That worked right?)

I terrified.