Weekly Event: Chosen of the Sun


Spinning holy weapons of doom, balance changes, and a new troop in chests! Get the details >> http://bit.ly/1WsE2lq

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I hate weeks with no new troops. T_Y 1.0.7 Comming up next week? :3


Yet another buff to the summer’s imp. When it first came out I called it the worst legendary of the game. But now is somewhat actually useful. Btw I hope this event name is a Leona reference. < 3


Agreed - always prefer the weeks with an extra troop!


@serale, it will probably come as no surprise that Nimhain, who designed the weapon/event this week, mains Leona :slight_smile:


Well THAT’S embarrassing… Skull Cleaver’s Text got on the Sun Chakram card in the splash image for the weekly event!

Not sure how that got missed, but don’t worry it’s only a graphical glitch on that splash image… we’ll get it fixed tomorrow… everywhere else it looks correct!


yea! when will 1.0.7 come? :cry: