Weekly Event: Chaos Reigns


Pick up the new Chaos Blade this this week, and get even with the good guys!
Details >> http://bit.ly/1lI3mXa


Looks cool… but will I ever use it? er… not foreseeably likely… like the game needs more weapons sulk


Actually, the new weapon is awesome in the Arena. :wink:


I was about to say the same thing. Like the sun chakram and the goblin hammer, it is meant to help counter a particular troop type. Who knows, the next nerf call might be for a divine troop :wink: if so they’re getting in ahead of the game!


Is the arena fixed? Or it still picks up unrelated troop bonuses?


It’s been fixed for weeks actually. :blush:


Good to know, I read the bug report but never saw mentioning the fix either on forum or the weekly update notes.