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Website (And Forums) Re-Vamp

I see it as larger, too.

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All in all I like the rework but the old font was much more readable - so I switched back to old.


[quote=“Grundulum, post:20, topic:60477”]
Can we reduce the font size in quoted posts? [/quote]

Hear hear!

Font sizes should be individually adjustable as a basic function of being User Friendly.

I searched for this topic specifically because I find the new look incredibly difficult to read. Also, the dropdown menu on the front page has text of categories overlapping.

Just opening the front page it looks cool, but having an image shine through the background of posts is bad for readability.


Fixed a few graphical issues, you say? Like this one?

I did a hard-reload and that’s what I got. Maybe you meant “Introduced a few graphical issues”?

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Turns out the interface switcher is really fussy. I can’t get it to work right without using Chrome Developer Tools.

Also, seriously think about contrast in your design. Ask your parents if they can read all the text on this screen. We went through all of this kind of feedback during the Unity update, it’d have been nice to see that lessons had been learned.

It’s also not aligned properly.


Continuing to pile on with revamp issues, this is what the new forums look like in Chrome, on iOS, when reading an individual thread:

The thread title is using a font size much too large, the contrast is all kinds of wrong (as has been pointed out repeatedly for many different elements), the words “Bug Reports” do not appear near the light blue square, and the “GoW community” button is much smaller than I remember it being in the old forums layout.

Edit: and furthermore, images do not get rescaled to the size of the thread container, so there is overhang off to the right all the time.

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The Search page is nearly unreadable.


I gave the new version a couple of days but I had to switch back to the older/better version.


We have popped a fix out for this, let me know how you feel about it. :slight_smile:


Multiple points have been raised in this thread. So which particular bit has been fixed?


The search function is significantly more readable. Thank you very much.


I assume she means that they fixed the readability issue with the search result page.

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Can confirm.
Much less transparent. :grinning:

I tried it and still don’t like it.

It was true when the Unity update happened that dark grey text with a light font weight on a black background is hard to read and it’s still true. It’s bad for people with any kind of visual impairment, even a tiny one.

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Thank you! :+1:

Here’s the list of files that are missing, along with some script errors the designer shouldn’t have shipped:

Let their teacher know they need another semester of the class, and they should probably read https://www.wuhcag.com/contrast-minimum/ along with a lot of the other things on that page.


So, about that “GoW Community” button. It seems the size is dependent upon the thread title length:

I appreciate the continued work that is going into improving this new layout, so please add this request to the QoL pile: have this button be a constant size, regardless of the text around/after it.

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The images in question are still broken.