Web site login from Android

Was hoping that someone could give me some direction. I am trying to log into the web site to view forums from my phone (samsung S6) but i keep getting invalid login and invalid email address. I have reset my password and obviously it work without issue from my laptop. Any thoughts?


Odd, what browser do you use on your phone?

default browser, Chrome


Odd, it’s working ok for me at the moment (HTC10). Are you using your username or email? or have you tried both?

yes, i have tried both…my user name says invalid user name and email address says bad email adress. I am so confused!! :frowning:

So you get different messages for if the username is wrong and if the password is wrong? Are you able to post a screenshot of the error message (after removing the email and password)? I tried incorrect email and passwords and got the same error message each time that just said “Incorrect email, username or password”.

here you go…and thanks for the help!!!

Huh different to the one I see. Umm maybe try requesting the Desktop version of the webpage (You should be able to find the option in the vertical … menu in the top right of Chrome) and see if that changes anything? Also what version of Chrome do you have? (… Menu -> Settings -> About Chrome)

This is the error I get:

@sachamp looks like you are trying to login into the website rather than the forums.

Forum link is http://community.gemsofwar.com


/facepalm Thanks Nim! I feel silly for not noticing that. Would also explain the error message differences.

OMG!!! who has different logins for different sections of the site!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

yes, that was it…feeling like a sheepish noob. Thank you.


Originally the forums were part of the main website, however about a a year and a half ago we upgraded our forums to use Discourse.

However this meant having 2 different logins (though now days most players just have a forum account).

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