Why I cannot active my account?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I registered an account, and I received some email, I clicked the URL in the email, and nothing happened.
And I changed an email, then try again, but failed again.

I tried to use the function “Forgot Password” to reset the password, but it was useless.

Please help me to active my account, username: sunzongbao2007

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Just register an account in gemsofwar.com

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

Make sure you’re trying to log into the forums and not the normal Gems of War page.

I want to register a normal account of Gems of War, but failed.
So I come here to find some helps.

Hello, please contact our support here https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us so we can help you further. Also, please be aware that you can’t login to our main website at gemsofwar.com.

You use your password in-game in Gems of War, not on our website. It is primarily used to link your account across more than one device.

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Yes, I just want to link my Android account to Steam. So I come to the gemsofwar.com to register account use to cross-save.

I tried to write something in https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us , but a code is needed and no account was linked to my Android account.

Shoud I reigster an Account in-game but not in gemsofwar.com?

You can’t register your account on the Gems of War website. When you submit a ticket you don’t need to include a code, just fill out the form as best you can with as much information as possible. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thank you very much Saltypatra, I will try to submit a ticket again.:slightly_smiling_face:

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