Link to another account error

Hi everyone. I have some problems changing account on the same device.
Today I logged in with my account Meridi1, then my girl (docia20.20) wanted to move to her acount, she wrote email and password correctly, and it showed an error message, like if email or password is wrong. The same problem happened when she tried to link to her sister’s account (Ania). So they’re “blocked” in my account. We tried to move to their accounts on another device, nothing new…
Sorry for my bad english. I hope you can help us and give us instructions how to solve this problem.
Thank you

I suggest contacting our support team. They’ll been able to help you out.

I’ve had this issue as well. I had to open a ticket with support. I think this is a problem with this new release. Anytime you switch accounts on the PC it is deleting your old account. I updated my ticket stating this is a game bug. This needs to be addressed.

We are aware of this and there is not much we can do about it either as it is the program we created the game in Adobe air.

Gems Of War Support Team

I have the same problem on my PC . My brother temporarily logged in and I can not sign back. I have tried for several days , but may not work . I also emailed the support but without response. Have also tried to reinstall the game. Is there anything to do ?

Yes, this is a known issue with switching devices. Supposedly a support team can fix this for you. Did you get an email confirming you on their help queue? Perhaps you should resend again?

No, I get no response at all . I sent the email twice to the support at this site.

When did you send the emails? It could be you didn’t get a reply because of time zones differences (We are based in Australia).

I have the same problem. Today I switched to my son account (on Pc) for a few moments and when i wanted to log in on my account i got an error witch tells me that my mail or password is incorect. What can i do? Help me please !!!

Open a support ticket and explain your situation.

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Ok thanks.
Just i submitted a request with my problem :frowning:

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NOTE if you have not registered your device/hero you risk losing it forever!

Instead of changing from one account to another, on mobile at least, clear your cache for the app and this will remove your hero. Then you can reload and link to an account without setting the first hero to “deactivated”

For PC you should be able to delete your C:\Users<Username>\AppData\Roaming\com.infinite-interactive.GoW folder and then you will have a blank hero to link over top of.

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