Web alert notifications Firefox not work correctly

With notifications, the complete mess for the browser Firefox (PC) also continues. Every day, the notification settings fly off spontaneously, I do not do anything and do not touch the settings at all.

For the Chromium (PC) browser, as it was once set up a long time ago, everything works fine.

Understand finally with notifications for Firefox (PC), though it’s already every day to reconnect all notifications.
The problem has lasted for more than two months !!
You wrote that in the course of this problem, but so far the improvements have not appeared.

Technically this team didn’t write the forums software. They’re using Discourse, a product written by another company.

I’ve never gotten the notifications to work properly, either on browser or tablet, so just chalked it up to another buggy feature.

What is worse, I got all the Alerts disabled on my PC, but it says that I have 5 browsers active, even though I logged out of all of them. And there’s no option to Opt-out of them at all to reset the counter to 0!

I have to work in the Firefox, and the Chromium is simply open, because the web alerts come to Chromium regularly and always.
Slightly not convenient - but what to do - I have already reconciled.