Forums Keep Refreshing

I am seeing if anyone else is experiencing this when it comes to the forums.

The problem I am experiencing is where the threads continue to refresh pretty much non-stop every couple of seconds. I have tried extensions to prevent this from happening and it doesn’t work. I have tried different browsers, I have tried different platforms PC and tablet and phone nothing seems to prevent this from continually refreshing and it is just making it quite difficult for me to read the thread after like two or three posts. I don’t see how it affects all the platforms or browsers unless I am missing something.

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

I haven’t heard of this problem before, but a suggestion I have is to check your system clock. If the clock is running slow, perhaps the forums think that too much time has elapsed and they’re refreshing… that’s just a wild guess though!

I use Firefox the latest version always, and if I don’t press the Stop button after the initial page load, the browser will eat up ram until it crashes (This process takes couple of days to max out 2gb of ram). Even when I press the stop, the notifications still appear, but does require me to load the new messages.