Weapon - Redundant Purple Staff

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I’ve noticed that two different weapons of the same color and with the same mana cost do the exact same thing, except that one does it better.

Many weapons, especially the older, cheaper, more basic ones like these, tend to be similar and give you a choice between mana cost and efficiency, and this is absolutely fine. However, in this specific case, the Staff of the Magus is literally made obsolete by the Spellfire, which doesn’t seem like this would be intended, or desirable.

I think either the mana cost of the Staff of the Magus should be lowered, or its damage should be increased.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Select either weapon and compare them.

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It’s a little thing, especially since both weapons are routinely overlooked these days, but I still thought I should let you know.

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+1 to this… just because it looks daft, not because many people will be using either of them…

biggest difference between the weapons and might explain the extra damage is rarity. Spellfire is a higher rarity and has damage higher than magus due to this rarity increase

Yes, there’s that, but even then, a higher rarity weapon would usually have a higher mana cost to go along with its higher value spell. This just feels like a literal upgrade of the same weapon, at the same cost.

Agreed, there should be a slight difference between the two.