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Quit exploiting the labor of Green Explosive Weapons

The land of Krystara is diverse. Whether they be troll or elf, troops either suck or don’t suck. Their Mana color, race, role, gender, and appearance having no factor in their utility. They are all created equal-ish…or are eventually nerfed/buffed. But there’s a grave in justice that seems to exist unchecked for years and years. That we the community that interacts with Krystara should no longer sit idly by watching any longer.

In terms of generating Mana. The life blood of Gems of War. The source that fuels our 3 other troops on a team. Time and time again they disproportionately release Green type weapons to carry the burden more than any other weapon color. Heaven knows why. And I wouldn’t even want to try and relate with the mentality of a designer(s) that would isolate one color above the rest to carry the weight. I just want equality. Balance. And peace in Krystara.

So my humble request is to change some of the green weapons that explode gems to yellow. Or moving forward, at least TRY to balance the work flow more. Green may be the color of envy, but I for one am not envious to be a green Weapon in Krystara. :roll_eyes:

In the screenshots below I used the search filter and just did “explode” for each color type. I did not search by destroy because those types of weapons tend to only benefit end gamers. And this is about inclusion not exclusion.


With (at least) one more on the way

And another one. Lol







Important post. I hope they take the time to read it.


I would argue that exploding 4 or fewer gems isn’t enough mana generation, or board turnover, to merit the description “exploder”. So even among the images provided in the OP, more than a few weapons should be removed.


We know from Infernus exploding five gems - that amount does seem like the sweet spot.

Added Face Stick to the list of Green Weapons.