Filter on "mana cost"

In the troop and weapons filter I’d love to search by “mana cost”. There are many times I’d like to know which weapon or troop are cheaper to use. The numbers are right there (assuming you’ve turned on the “Show spells/mana details”. Why can’t I sort by that?


i second this motion


I really like this idea and it would make a great addition to the Filter options in Gems of War. I have sent this idea to the development team to see what can be done.

Thak you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Maybe you can adress the idea of a “favorite” selection too.
Let us select our favorite weapons and give us a filter for those.

Additionally the weapons which i.e. create a storm by affix are not listed if you select the filter to i.e. “Create a Gem Storm” or if you search for “Storm” in the text box.
I know we can search by the affix name, but if you type i.e. “Ice” (which is the name of the affix for “Icestorm”) in the text box, you get 27 weapons and only 12 weapons create an icestorm.

Similar outcome for fire aka “firestorm”.

Similar outcome for traits of troops which are not covered completely.

It is also pretty annoying, that we can’t see the affixes of unowned weapons

There is probably more that need to be covered up, but maybe the community has more input then I do currently.


A “favorite” system would be AMAZING

Yet we can search for them all the same…

How do you search for an affix of a weapon, you don’t know the affixes of?

The same way you search for Traits – the affix list is standardized, so once you know that there’s an affix called (for example) “Quick”, a search for this will return all weapons with that affix whether or not you own the weapon (or if the affix is unlocked).

Yeah, I know, this doesn’t teach you the affixes on an unowned weapon specifically, and doesn’t help with keywords used elsewhere, but it’s a thing.

I don’t need to be explained, how I figure out the affixes of unowned weapons.

Go on TaransWorld GoWid List > type the name of the weapon > click on it

This is the only “quick” way I know yet, where it shows all the affixes of all weapons. Except maybe lucky founds on discord servers.

But how about people who don’t have access to such websites or discord (parental control, don’t know about or whatever)?
Their only way to figure out the affixes is to type all occasions of an affix in the filter and check if the weapon they want to know more about has the searched affix.
Very playerfriendly…