Synergy thought of when designing troops or weapons

Blue and Yellow
Brown and Yellow

Would of worked tremendously better than releasing a blue and brown siege troop with a blue and brown weapon.


But I can’t help but think that mana blocking wasn’t even considered when releasing the weapon.


Ikr, but its not like devs are gonna release a Hotfix just to change the Mana designation of the weapon. At least we still have weapons like MC or Jar of Eyes to fall back on

I was very disappointed with that recent true scatter damage weapon that uses blue and red (Tesla) :tired_face:

At least Scarab Blade wasn’t yet another blue green explode and summon weapon


The good news is that Tesla still has higher damage potential because his/her spell scales and in a way where that scaling bonus can get very, very large.

The bad news is that the new weapon in question is objectively more powerful than every similar-ish Hero weapon that came before it. Because Tide’s Lash is the first Hero weapon that deals damage off a base number of “Magic x2”.

For that matter, there are very few troops whose damage scales off of “Magic x 2”. (If I’m sorting the database properly over at Taransworld, it’s 4.) Other than Queen Beetrix – whose nerfing could be an entirely separate discussion on a number of fronts – every one of those troops in question is a (base) mythic.

Tide’s Lash is certainly very good, but it does have precedent in Crescendo, its closest counterpart. Higher multipliers are not uncommon for scatter damage, Rowanne being the typical example, and [Magic x 2] scatter damage is comparable to [Magic / 2] damage to all.

Incidentally, I doubt I would be using Tesla and Tide’s Lash in the same team anyway, so their color overlap doesn’t really bother me.