Weapon raising stats


Is there any way to have certain weapons raise stats, either the hero or the team, simply by being equipped and not as an ability? For example, imagine a “Broadsword” that when worn raised the Hero’s attack by 3 but had no activated ability. Or perhaps “Perseus Shield” that when worn raised the Hero’s armor by 6 and had an activated ability to cleanse your team.

I think it would be a neat way to augment the Hero’s stats by sacrificing a strong activated ability.


Nifty idea.

Perhaps when passive abilities arrive in 1.0.8, hero weapons could also have passive craftable abilities like stat bonuses.


I was always missing the passive bonuses you got from equipment in PQ. But my guess is as well that 1.0.8 will aim (roughly) in that direction.


I would think that if passive upgrades for troops are coming in 1.0.8, then a similar idea is in the works for the weapons, even if it’s not included in this patch. We shall see!


Same what I’m thinking. 1.0.8 seems forever with all the cool stuff it will bring. .