Weapon for new hero class not appearing in inventory after tier purchase/250 battles


Just wanted to get the jump on this issue before it goes live tomorrow. Good luck!


Hahahhahaha :joy:
[Fixed in 4.2] :unicorn:


Perhaps it being mentioned earlier, will encourage the devs to check to ensure it’s in.

As the sayings goes " Better Three Hours Too Soon Than a Minute Too Late", and “Better to be early than late”.


Hey guess what


10/10 :joy:


Hat trick!

3 class weapons in a row…


I’ll handle it for them.

“Hero class weapon drops are part of really old legacy code we got an outsourced foreign team to write for us. We don’t actually know how it works and if we touch it we’re afraid it would ruin everything else. Please understand it’s a higher priority to find a way to offer to sell you 50 gems for $25 every 24 hours.”


If players can predict it. Then the devs should be able to as well. This should be embarrassing @Cyrup.


Please refund the gems that I used to purchase a weapon I can’t use.


Embarassed birb for her:


Wow. Just wow.


Hi all! I’m really sorry this happened :frowning: The team have taken some extra measures - as well as sending out a fix for the issue 2 days ago*, please restart your game - to prevent this from happening in the future.

*If you’re on Xbox there was an issue receiving this and we’ll send it out shortly. @killscreen