We start with someone else's storm

Not that I am aware of. I do not understand how explosions might interfere with storms.

No they dont

Thanks - Someone from my guild said that troop storms overrode class storms - but it could be it just seemed that way because of the way their troops were aligned - class storm with hero in first slot and Tink in last slot or something.

Same source on the exploding gems b4 battle thing - also a possible misunderstanding of a similar nature.

I still don’t understand whiy the very simple, clear explanation @Kezef shared is nowhere in the GoW help docs. Crazy how much knowledge is passed around among community members - people that are in mid-tier guilds and below (or no guild at all) and don’t know about this forum and aren’t on discord would really never figure this kind of thing out without spending a ton of time testing. And so unwittingly pass on incorrect info about mechanics that get passed on… just like a game of telephone. Sigh.

Tink Steamwhistle creates an Electrostorm at the start of your turn. It will always override any other storm if he is not stunned or dead because it summons at the start of the turn, not the start of battle.

Not everything in any game is explicitly written down in the games’ provided text. This is an online game and requires some communication to play at pretty much all levels, especially if youre in a guild that expects to say complete tasks or events efficiently. This game would be dead without its community in many ways

No kidding! I’ve shared this info with my guild. Thanks again.

Luckily I actually play this game.

So the sin of Maraj thing is.
It’s class is doomsayer , and it’s class trait is to explode a gem.

That’s what your guildie ment.

Thanks but no, what they said was that would cancel out a storm, and individual troops also have the trait. See Broker of Greed as an example.