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[Reported] Class storm traits no longer trigger for the AI at the beginning of battle?

Repro: Sunspear + 3 Fire Bombs on PvP defence, fight your defence.
Expectation: A firestorm is summoned before the player’s turn.
Reality: No storms, but other class traits still trigger


Some (/a lot) of the storm traits are worded a bit differently and have slightly different effects. Did you definitely test Sunspear, or just Stormcaller?



In reality, neither should trigger before your turn. Sunspear should trigger when your turn starts, after all start-of-battle traits have activated. For Stormcaller, you shouldn’t see the Lightstorm until you’ve ended your turn.

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Yeah, I tested with Sunspear to begin with, then figured I’d try Stormcaller too. Good catch wrt/ Stormcaller trait!

Here’s a video with Sunspear:

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Hey hey :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting this! This issue isn’t a bug as Heatwave works the same way as Storm Soul, just a problem with the wording. We are going through a long process to make the wording is consistent across all descriptions.

Thank you for sharing this, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

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