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Dragonguard Hero No Firestorm

I’m levelling the dragon guard hero and I’ve unlocked the fiestarter trait. I assumed that some sort of fire effect would happen at the start of the battle nothing happens any ideas

If a Firestorm has started, there will be a small red orb at the bottom-center of the screen with a number on it. It’s vaguely the color of the storm, but I find most of the colors are so greyish and the number takes up so much space it’s hard to tell which storm is active.

Note that storms cancel each other out in a “last one wins” fashion, so if your opponent or a troop lower than your hero has a different storm trait, their trait will cancel your Firestorm.

Thanks for the info I’ll check that out

Oh also, from your post it’s possible you don’t know what Firestorm does?

There are six “storm” effects, one for each color of gem (and skulls and doomskulls).

When a storm is active, it is more likely gems of the associated color will fall when gems are cleared. So if you set up a Firestorm, then make a big explosion, it is a lot more likely either you will get a free turn and some cascades. Though sometimes, they fall in a bad position and you end up giving your opponent a lot of mana. C’est la vie.