We start with someone else's storm

At the beginning of the battle, my storm changes to the storm of the enemy. Fix this error

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It’s not a bug. It has always been like this.

This is a mistake. The logic of the game is broken.

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The storm should change after the transition of the move to the enemy.

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If the storm says at the start of the battle then no.

Unless it’s at the start of every turn

Why do I need a storm at the beginning of a turn if it is always canceled by the Elementalist class?

or any other class or unit with a storm called at the beginning of the turn?

You think maybe we could get a screenshot of the teams in question – yours and AI both – or at least a full description of which troops are present (plus Talents on the Hero or Heroes) before we universally declare this to be a “bug”? Rather than the possibility that there are multiple storms trying to trigger at the same time and the one left at the end is the last storm to have resolved?

It has always been like this.

When the battle starts your traits activate, then your enemies’ traits. If they have a summon a storm at start trait, it will override yours.

You need to use a “storm at the start of my turn trait” similar to Sunspear class

This is not logical! Why then the Storm skill at the beginning of the battle? She’s just useless now.

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I’ll make a screenshot on PS4 and send it

There were no moves yet

The Elementalist with the Brown Storm

The storm skill became useless at the beginning of the battle.useless. It is canceled by everyone who is not lazy.

As i said, thats how this game works.

  1. You choose and initiate a fight

  2. Battle starts

  3. your traits activate

  4. enemy traits activate (because you chose the fight)

  5. your turn begins

Thats how the game works. Defenders traits activate after yours. You have to learn how to work with the enemy storm or counter it.


Similar to “empowered”. If there’s an empowered troop on the enemy team, that starts with full mana, you still get the first turn and can win the battle without the enemy having a go.

Even on chess it’s “one after the other” and not “only you have turns” or “everyone at the same time”. There’s rules to follow …

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To add to what everyone above me has said?

Another thing to remember along these lines is that traits activate in sequential order by team placement. Meaning if you have multiple “storm at the start of battle” troops in your own team, they’ll activate one after another in the order that your team is set, going first to last.

So the game is going to check each troop in turn from first to last, your team before the enemy team, and activate any “storm at the start of battle” traits. And then when the battle starts and the turn shifts over to you, it’ll check your troops again in that same order for any “storm at the start of a turn” traits that a small number of troops and classes possess.

This isn’t a bug. It’s a mis-understanding of how the system actually works and likely “how it’s meant to work”.


Isn’t there something also about those troops from Sin of Maraj that explode a gem on the board at the beginning of battle? That can somehow negate a storm?

And individual troop storms always override class storms…

And why is none of this explained in the game help docs? There should at least be a hierarchy doc that explains all of this without detailing every possible scenario.