WE scores dont match

It’s a guild leaderboard this week. The score at the upper left of the battle map is the guild score, which is the sum of all member scores.

that makes sense, thank you :slight_smile: was this on the official post?

The official posts are frequently missing important information, what you see is what you get.


Are they attacking guides now after the tools?


But this is the 1st time this has happened that I can think of. WTF is going on with ever increasing levels of incompetence? As if WE scoring wasn’t already stupid enough.

Isn’t the scoring method standard for all (Guild-based) World Events? The map shows your personal score, but the reward tiers are based on totals across the entire Guild.

This is the first legitimate Guild-based WE :grimacing:

I see my score there and not the guild score. So what should be the correct display in this event?

Update: nevermind, saw that they fixed that. :slight_smile: