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Which score is right?

Somebody help me out here please. I see two different scores for us today. The Schedule tab shows all of our scores added up, while the score in Ranking shows only the top 27 scores added up.

I was under the impression that the top 27 scores would count for daily victories as well. Is that not the case?

To add, both our total score and our top 27 score were lower than the opposing guild’s top 27 score (as per the score on Ranking, only 28 of our member’s played), so I can’t tell which would count for daily victory.


Hi Mitamata,

We had a quick look on the server, and it looks like it might just be a display issue on the Schedule tab… behind the scenes, our server-tests are telling us that the correct scores are being used.

Thanks for letting us know though, we’ll have the engineer who worked on that system take a look first thing in the morning when he gets into work.


Thanks! :+1:

Hopefully this can be resolved soon to avoid confusion. I guess that means there’s guilds out there that see they lost the day battle even though they had a higher score than the opponent guild.

for us too (utopia’s brothers) there is a problem for scores and the addition of players scores match schedule tab and not ranking tab

Sirrian, since this should be a display issue, does that mean there is a chance it could be fixed without a patch and it could just be done server side?

The ranking tab is showing the correct score, which is calculated using only the top 27 scores for each day.

no the ranking tab miss point because we haven’t played over 27 and we miss 1000 points

I am lost here. What exactly has 4.7 done to wars scoring? Is rank based on the top 27 scores only? And if someone plays later in the week and beats a previous top 27 ranking score, will the rank be amended accordingly?

Yes. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. The devs confirmed that during the 4.7 update discussions. (Note: it will update the end of the week final rankings.)

Allow me to make a prediction: this will not work as intended come the end of the week.


So the way its meant to work:

Top 27 players scores each day, count towards total week score.

The top 27 can be from any point, on day or later it doesnt matter.

Issue currently for OP (and everyone basically) Schedule page is showing total score of all 30 players, Sirrian has confirmed its a display issue only and actual score is being use for total.

Issue for Essemito is that they had 135 fights done, with 3 people not having started their fights yet, and their schedule and total were showing different by 1,324 points, meaning that it is looking like top 134 scores are counted and its not based on players, but fights in general.

Any confirmation from a dev or @Sirrian would be great that its being looked into or its known, or whats going on. Im sure Essemito would be happy to provide more info if needed.


first day of war less then 27 battles

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Just an update, since devs didnt let us know:

Days 1 and 2 still have the bug (this GW) that shows total 30 players scores.

Days 3-6 are showing the correct score of 27/30.

Now we just need a way in game to show which scores arent being counted.

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I knew they would mess this up. Pmsl. Priceless.

it was messed up before the last guild war started because the bracketing was incorrect. why anyone would think it was going to work properly after the changes on xbox anyway was clearly more optimistic than realistic

It’s high time things were thoroughly tested before release. Too many bugs, too much confusion and a playerbase of headscratchers wondering how simple calculations go so awry. Don’t even get me started on harpies or infernal king lol.

Just an afterthought…if I sacrifice a troop in wars to boost eg magic stats and continue to win with a summoned troop (ie 4 troops at the finish), will this negatively impact my score? Sacrifice on purple day is an example if using L and D.

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Guild Wars scoring is far too obscure. Only the best guilds (ie guild of thieves) understand the algebra involved. The rest of us have flunked math because we don’t understand the formulae to succeed and we don’t have the time to run scripts or simulations in order to do so. Or even using a game board coloured spreadsheet to show gem arrangement (excluding skyfall) after each potential move; thus minimising (again not including skyfall) imminent danger. I don’t know if guilds do this but if I had the time and desire to be optimum wars team, it’s Deffo a tool to assist that objective.

Give this a read

Have you tried getting good??

I mean, it helped me, Im sure it can help you too

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I will let you know when you get there.