We can't play Guild Wars since today

PC/Android (Windows 10)



No one in the Guild can enter the Wars section from today, nor the Guild section either. The first 3 days of wars we have been able to do them without problem

It is the first time that it happens to us, and we have been able to play the first 3 days of wars without problem

Now it happens to us every time we try to enter Wars or Guild

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Same with members of my guild. Clicking on Guild Wars generated a message saying “There was an issue reading data from our servers”. There’s an error code that changes each time (eg 1050896880). The game gets stuck in a loop and has to be force quit. I reported it in game almost 24 hours ago with no response. Other guild members have had the same issue.

The worst thing about this is that they will no longer fix at least until Monday, so the wars can already be considered lost :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am having this exact same issue with our guild now. Did you get the problem fixed? Did it take a long time ?

@Steph the team are looking into your issue at the moment, you wrote to support didn’t you as I think I saw your game name in the list of accounts they’re checking.

Wait, what? You’re working on support tickets? O_o

Hello Kafka, yes I submitted a ticket.

Thank you for looking into the problem. The Guild is looking forward to the problem being fixed. : )

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