Couldn't Do Guild War, Now Can't get in Game

For the GW week of April 23-29 I wasn’t able to Attack in GW on the first day. It said there were no opponents Available. I tried many different software and hardware resets and still couldn’t battle. Now it is day 2 of GW. I was able to Attack, but after my first battle, going to the loading screen, it threw a error message/code at me to contact support (which I’ve done), causing me to exit out of my game. Now I’m trying to get back into the game and can’t get past the loading screen which throws an error message with a different number with each attempt.

-Armor Armadillo_NSGY

Edit (this was my first post. noticed I should’ve posted in bugs)

UPDATE Reset at GW Battles Day 4, condition unchanged

Did you do guildwar last week when it was accessible by accident?

Sadly, yes. I’ve did all 5 battles. I wasn’t able to battle Tuesday. Was able to do the first battle Wednesday and everything crashed. I haven’t been able to get in since. Even after reset for Thursday. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game after every attempt and still can’t get in. Restart console, uninstall/reinstall, hard reset, install/reinstall, reset console, in/re, NAT is open, restart, modem, still can’t get into the game itself.

Have you contacted our support? If not please do so. Also, what region are you playing in? If you are playing in Russia there may be other issues.

I did send a support ticket. Playing in North America.

Our team will be with you as soon as they can. :slight_smile:

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Sadly i have the same thing going on cant play gems no more

I have the exact same problem as the original poster.

I also have the exact same circumstances, having done my 5 battles when they were open early, and the same circumtances leading up to the crash and error.

I also cannot get into the game anymore.

UPDATE checked at 2 hours before reset for GW Day 5. Still can’t get into game.

UPDATE 13 hours after GW Day 5 reset. Not able to enter.

Maybe some helpful details: When the error message pops, the loading bar goes full and the music is playing. Also, I play on mobile and it is using the same internet as I would on the Xbox and it works just fine.

Update Still can’t into game after GW Day 6 reset. A Dev contacted me asking me to try deleting cloud saved data. Unfortunately, this did not work.