Way of attacking mechanical opponents

Does anyone know a way or where I could find mechanical opponents for the weekly task? I managed to get 10 via the Mechanic Class quest, and I figured I could explore the kingdom and hit mechanical cards often, but so far I’ve only attacked non mechanical cards. Grinding out 240 more kills while not even knowing where to start has frustration written all over it.

Adana third challenge easy difficulty will give you 3 mech kill every time

Also you can use

Deep borer
Black manacles

Kraken banner and mech hero class (fully traited) for half mana start

1 boombot cast should kill everyone in 1 shot

Awesome thanks for the quick response. I guess I should go through all the challenges and mark what the opponent types are going forward…


…and share those with the rest of us when you are done. :wink:

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Or just put this.

Crimson Bat
Queen Mab

Similar steamrolling speed, plus some souls.

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Anyone got a good one for undead? At work right now amd wanna get straight on it when I get home.