I Suck At Team Building

Sooo. As of this week, I have been having a lot of trouble with winning these battles, mostly against the bomb bot black menacles combo, and it’s getting to a point where I really don’t have an advantage anymore so I skip these teams now, I can’t think or know any counters really that can help either, I’m pretty much a noob trying to set teams up. If any suggestions for any good team and fast teams. I can’t do slow teams because I will get bored :frowning:
I’ve been all over the place mixing so many teams together and I can’t really get anything going my self.


I guess my first thing is, Black Manacles is a pain. Mechanist fully traited is fast.

This week I’ve been skipping Black Manacles, because I find it really seems to proc way too often with the damage it does. Of course it is one of the only hero weapons that rises to the power of the better troops.

The Mechs from Adana get pretty strong with that +50% boost.

If you have Mechanist fully traited, I’m running
Hero Anu’s Scepter

Tankbot is way more potent than I realized with the buffs. For me, its dealing 41 armor steal and then 41 damage. Carnex is really into his own in the front too. It’s not any special team, I just got tired of bombot blasting.

If you don’t have the hero traited, I found a lot of luck with
Sentry Bot (Not working great for me, but I don’t want to block red/brown)
Flame Cannon
Steam Turret.

It doesn’t seem like much, but the Flame Cannon can really dish out a lot of damage. Quick to charge with Alchemist.

I found this week I had to think differently.

I even had a different theme team of
Clockwork Knight
Queen Ysbelle

Which basically looked to keep Tesla alive and nuke with the high armor levels.

I hope this helps inspire you for some team variety.


Thanks, gave me a little bit of ideas. Sadly I have almost no mechs fully traited nor my hero for the mech bonus. It seems like just mech vs mech is good and none of my mechs are good enough lol! I haven’t bothered really with mechs. But yes Menacles is a pain, but usually I can’t stop them from getting there mana unless using some what of a brown color.

SO, I know that this is a team contingent on having a mythic, BUT


Is still dominant as ever! I even had a battle against a 3 trophy opponent who got a lucky cascade and their Black Manacles fired on AI first turn and devoured my Gard! I then proceeded to loop Alch and Hellcat and destroyed his entire team 18 dmg at a time, plus skull drops. AI never got another turn! :wink:


I just need something to be fast, and hit these bombbots before exploding two times and killing me D; I’ll try this team out! What banner?

I run it on Dragon Banner.
Just a word about running it, the mistake I most often see is people try to loop until Gard has enough Armor to one shot the AI, that is not the most efficient way to run the team. Loop until Gard is filled, then ensure that the board is clear of any match 4s, ideally bait the AI with skulls too, and CAST GARD! Then the AI skulls Mercy and you loop again until Gard is full. Generally 2 casts is enough for a team wipe.

Hope the team works well for you! :wink:

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Ahh, I do have him and only on second trait! But will try this technique you have showed me, it’s mostly not knowing to really play with certain guys for me as well. I’m still new and a noob here. I am going to test it out!

Don’t overlook Blade Dancer if you really just need to knock their armor down quickly. It can be a great front line troop to hit them with a quick knockdown, and let the rest of the team do the cleanup.

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Also, if you have kraken and can get his third trait, looping down everyone’s armor with a chance to devour last troop (manacles) is also a viable option.

I use:

Green Slime
Giant Spider
Green Seer

edited for team build


Get better at team building. Analyze your situation!

Major threats: High armor bombots exploding and doing massive aoe damage fast. Hero with manacles having high stats, higher upon devouring, allowing him to kill troops weakened by bombot wave.

Possible solutions: Taking the armor away from bombots before they blow up. Using barriers to mitigate some of their damage. Using team bonuses to have high enough effective life to survive them. For the hero- getting rid of him before he can be a pain, or countering his devour with one of your own (or other instant death mechanic).

Useful qualities: Fast/empowered. Targetable or AOE damage. Armor breaking. Use, conversion, or destruction of brown mana. Passive barriers. Devour/instant kill for manacles.

Useful troops: Siren can neuter a bombot and create brown mana for a bombot of your own. Great Maw or Kraken could devour the hero. Celestasia could create mana, heal, and barrier herself. Tankbot can steal armor and is very tough with the buffs this week. Likewise with other mechs if you want team bonuses.


I’ve been running a 2x Mav team and had little problems.

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I like this one with green/purple banner

Giant spider***
Green seer***

Damage looping FTW!


Thanks! I don’t usually do Kraken teams, I will try!

I’ve been using obsidian golem, valk, justice, mab. Obsidian can be swapped for any troop with stoneskin that doesn’t use red yellow or blue.

I usually pick skills with justice to prevent the opponent gaining mana. It’s worked well so far although sometimes it has got a little bit close for comfort!

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Wow thanks! :smiley: I have the trouble usually with starts on the board, It never usually gives me colors I need or anything relatively close! So it sucks, mana blocking and getting hit and then eventually the loop happens. Just haven’t been able to really avoid it as much as I’d really like. Thanks for the idea’s I’ll definitely be using some of your suggestions!

Yeah I heard that +6 damage looping is incredible, gotta try it and wipe a team out with just extra turns :stuck_out_tongue:


Fire lizard
Dust devil

My fire lizard and dust devil are traited all the way. And I like to use crude club. The hero is there solely as a defensive line.


One thing I’ve always done when I don’t know how to counter a team is play that team against itself. I keep a team slot called “Whatever” specifically for setting up an identical team. Works 99% of the time, presuming you have the required troops.


Well I don’t have my mech class fully traited so it’s not nearly as effective. Basically mirror the team?

Exactly. (10characters)

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