I Suck At Team Building

Thank you! :slight_smile:

My anti-borer/bombot/bombot/manacles team is Maw/Terraxsis/Mercy/KoS. Until it gets fixed to not be super annoying on explore, troops with Life Drain cannot be killed by Bombot explosions. If you manage to devour their hero before they can get off both bombot explosions OR fully fill their team with mana (easier than it sounds since Maw also fills from browns), it is pretty hard to lose since Maw will be massive and KoS won’t die from Bombots if you have him traited, leaving only Deep Borer left to generate browns to feed KoS and make it die that much faster. Doesn’t even matter if Sandstorm feeds them all of the brown mana since they’ll just explode uselessly and they have no reliable damage without the hero.


Wow, might try this thanks!! :smiley:

Personally, I like Gorgotha, Giant Spider, 2x Kraken. It doesn’t have the Purple overlap of Seer and I like the much better frontline tankiness. I also find Gorg’s spell is surprisingly helpful in filling mana.

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Will try this idea, thank you!

Best loop teams are Mercy/Alch/Hellcat/Gard (someone said above) or Hellcat//Alch/GobRocket/Kraken (slower but reliable). Very hard to lose unless Mab or SpiritFox on the other team.

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Mercy/Kraken/Alchemist/Terraxsis and Kraken/Krysteanax/Alchemist/Terraxsis (red/red banner) are my two current favorite looping teams. You might need to stall a bit to start the loop on a bad layout (usually not much), but Alchemist charges in 1 red surge so after you convert the second color to yellow, a cascade is more than likely to either give you blue > brown alignment and a full terraxsis or just refill Alchemist again from an incidental red match so you can convert something else out to try again. The trick it to use the universal “to yellow” conversion to eliminate/move other colors into alignment. Works fine for me even against Spirit Fox or Mab, they just require a bit more finesse/patience at the start.