Watch replays of your last defend battle(s)

Wouldnt it be nice if we could have an option to watch the replay of the last defense battles.
Watch the way the cpu controlled our team to have a massive win, or on the other side, was barely losing. This would make us see how good computer will play our specific team, and possibly show us a little better understanding of what we should change to our defense team perform a little better.

I know this is probably too much to ask for, but would be so cool. :slightly_smiling:


This was suggested over a year ago. There has been no indication that they ever intend to add something like this.

Testing AI defends may be available eventually though.

They mentioned that in the coming guild patch you will have the option to play game with your guildmates and/or friends in chat list. If that’s the case, I’m sure you can work out a rotation to help test each other’s lineups.