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Show the exact team that attacked my defenders

Could you please add such option? I would like to know who defeated my defense team or whom I survived. I understand some complications that you need to store the exact team (not simply one in the respective slot of the attacker) somewhere in the game DB. Also, I’m not aware of similar requests in the past.

(Really, I’d like to see the whole battle replay.)

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Not a fan of this idea. I don’t like to give teams away I want to keep a secret. I guess I wouldn’t be too bothered in PVP, but in GW, it’s an absolute No-Go for me. I can just see guilds coming up with the requirement to watch all replays to improve your defense team… ugh no thanks.


Great minds think a like. @Sheba

From his original post.

I don’t know to merge the 2 threads.


Part of how the meta shifts is “people who lose on defense adjust their team”. If they could see the secret sauce teams that separate the top-tier players from the lesser players, they could better adjust their defense teams.

So I support this, and think top-tier players should too, because it means they will more frequently have to face the challenge of adjusting their teams. In many, many other games, it is impossible to play an opponent without revealing your team. Even professionally-played games such as Magic: the Gathering. Full decklists are available at the end of every tournament. People adopt those decks. Smarter people tweak them. Even smarter people build the counters. That’s how a healthy meta is built.

I think a problem in GoW is we don’t quite have enough depth of mechanics to realize that reality.

I don’t disagree that the higher-end players deserve mad respect for the brewing they do. But I disagree about whether letting them keep that secret supports a healthy game. Netdeckers will netdeck, but in a decent game they should generally be a step behind the people who are winning.

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No. Attacking teams have never been up for public scrutiny, nor should they be. Think I went to all that trouble to create a fantastic team just so you can copy it the first time it beats you? It’s bad enough that copycat defenses create the meta, we don’t need it on offense as well.


Also not a fan. As much as I’d like to see more info about the RESULTS of how my defense teams did (I.e. how many troops killed or what score the attacker received so I car guage the effectiveness of my defense, showing the actual team attacking should not be part of that info.

The point of GW is for your guild to work together and share your ideas with each other. Coming up with good attack teams is on you and your guildies.


Games like that are head to head right? Player vs player? GoW is player vs CPU.
Based on this and our conversation on discord. It sounds like people are just too lazy to put in the time to come up with teams. I think team building one of the most rewarding aspects of the game. I’m glad that when I started the game no one told me what team I should use. I had to rely on myself to learn and look through all the troops. And figured out what was best for me. Now I pride myself as being one of the best team builders in the game. Only members or former members of my guild know that though… Which is exactly the way it should be.

Okay, thanks all. Another idea came to me: there are such rare occasions when you get a Gem for 7 matches in a row. Maybe make an option - if the defender collected 3 Gems, he may instead look at the attacker’s team? Either take 3 Gems or look at the team. (Of course, you cannot simply pay 3 Gems from your store; they must be collected during the battle.)

I would want to know at the least how many onColor troops the attacker had and preferably something that gives you an idea how well they performed in terms of scoring.
Putting a defense that scares everyone into using a three color or significantly slower team should be traceable. Now we only have wins/losses as metric and that is too coarse.

Again, no. My attack team is not available for you to copy. Ever.

My guild works hard on team collaboration that’s the whole point of guild wars is to see who can get the most points following a specific set of team guidelines.

You should not be able to just copy our teams, you need to figure out what teams score well just as we do.

So no you should not be able to see the attacking team, this should never be implemented, EVER.