How can I see the team that attacked me?


I open “Battle Log” in the PvP, and can watch another player who attacked me or whom I attacked. But I see attacker’s defense team, don’t I? Not the exact attack team which he/she used to fight my defense team, but his/her defense team assigned in “Defenders”. I’d like to know what team defeated mine or whose attack I survived.

I play under Android, if that matters.

Show the exact team that attacked my defenders

You can’t.


Okay, so it’s a good feature for a request?


Not really for me to decide what’s good or not.
But I would not be a fan of it no. People take pride in coming up with fast and powerful teams. And most, don’t want those teams shared to everyone in the game.

Show the exact team that attacked my defenders

Oh. Never thought it could be such a mystery. So some players would want an option whether they want to reveal their team to an opponent or not.


I want people to know I beat them with a Peasant/Penitent team :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grimacing:


can’t let people know i beat them with first turn one cast dust devil can i? :stuck_out_tongue: