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Warning for new players

Whatever you do, do not buy death knight armor. It screws you over so bad because you can’t sneeze without leveling up. 99% of anyone’s game time is spent in pvp and the matchmaking system seems to put too much emphasis on level.

Essentially what you run into is the scenario where you’re second and third fights in both ranked and casual are way too high and you’re relegated to farming the first team for months to catch up, which you never will, cause you keep leveling. I had to spend enough to get to vip 8 before I had enough legends to even get a 50% win rate on the second team, forget the third.

I’ve been playing for about 6 weeks and am level 700 and have yet to get enough units to ascend a single troop to mythic, yet all I see in pvp is pure mythics with maxed out kingdoms. It’s cheaper in the long run to drop the $100 and buy the two 500 gem armors so that you don’t get screwed over by your player level.

Cause trust me, it’s absolute grief (and disappointing enough to make me want to quit already).


Wow. Don’t even know where to start. So it’s best that I don’t at all…🤦


While I understand your grief, I do think the soul and gold gain is pretty useful. While useful at any point, I cannot say when it is the best time to buy, but I got mine probably around the 500 to 600 range I’d guess. As for overleveling, once you get past around 200 or so, the pvp difficulty does rise. To be fair, even high levels have difficulty getting mythic troops or even a specific legendary from time to time.

As for win rate, I’d recommend stating which legendaries and mythics you DO have as to allow the community to offer the best team advice. Hellcat, alchemist, and double goblin rocket is an easy to get, effective team that the highest troop rarity is epic, which hopefully won’t be too hard to get.


Sorry to hear that’s how your experience has been. I don’t think your six weeks of play is a great position to start tossing accusations around from, and your advice contradicts what many here would say. I think this game offers way more for free players than the average freemium game.


This game is all about growing as you play. I would agree that buying Deathknight right away is not a good move. A new player should follow what most of us that have been playing for a long time would suggest - Save those gems for Dragon Armor and Celestial Armor before getting the big bonus armor.

You need to grow your character while you grow your troop collection so that you can flow into pvp. No quick ascension available to stand with the big dogs that have been around for a long time and are running those killer teams in slot 3 on the battle page. Put in the time. You’ll be better for it in the long run.


Also I would recommend joining an active guild which would provide advice, keys, and other resources to help expand your collection.


I agree with everything you said collector, and that’s what I’m saying. The problem isn’t that I want to stand with the big dogs, the problem is that I don’t have another choice, because that’s who I’m matched with.

I bought Deathknight armour at around level 40 and had no issues what so ever.
It’s the one thing that I would have recommended people to buy. Not any more, but that’s not because I don’t think it’s beneficial to the player.

Of course you’ve clearly had a different experience to myself which is unfortunate.

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I don’t know how to quote posts on this, but Kyle, I’m currently running Gorgotha/TDS/Draak/Acolyte. I’m playing catch up to the stats. I don’t think it’s the units that are the problem anymore, it’s the stat discrepancy, but like I said, I spent a lot to get to this point.

@Aerathi that’s who we all were matched with coming up through the ranks. It’s just the nature of the game. I can remember being matched with the infamous Mr. Sammy. The first player to reach level 1000 (iirc) when I was level 160-175. And let me tell you I lost a few times to his teams but when I won . . . . I could barely stop myself from dancing a jig. :star_struck:


Arena, explore, Quests, challenges, and casual PvP. Plenty of ways to level up outside of Ranked PvP.
I remember when I first started… Tried PVP and got stomped. Mainly cause I knew nothing like John Snow. And I thought hmmm… Maybe I’m too new for this. Over time I had decent troops and was able to start winning. When you’re a low level. Great Maw is you best friend in the world.
My advice… change this thread to asking for tips on how to play the game. Rather then telling others how to play a game you barely scratched the surface on.

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Ok, ok, new players buy death knight armor right away, I was wrong. I wish I hadn’t done it, though.

You’re not wrong @Aerathi. What most of us are suggesting is that your reasoning may be a little off.

In this game you definately need to learn to walk before you run. :wink:


Is it because I proposed a negative intent for the dk armor being in the game? If I took that out would it make what I was saying reasonable?

I think so. I did agree with you in my first reply.

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I edited my original post. I shouldn’t have extrapolated intent. Feeds conflict.


Since you asked before though, Gorgotha, Dragon Soul, Draak, Acolyte - are there any changes you’d make to that team? I feel like Gorgotha’s second trait is there just to troll, the purple blocks dragon soulnor azura in that spot when it procs.

Gorgotha really needs full traits to shine. Granite skin plus his explosions make him a great troop. I like to pair him with Mercy in 4th spot but she needs all her traits too to be most useful. I used her without Empowered for a while . . . just slows the match down.

I did fully trait mercy, and was using Gorgotha, Azura, Draak, Mercy but then crafted dragon soul yesterday, and this team was born out of that. I really need to 5* my kingdoms cause that’s where my biggest issue is, everyone I face has like double my health and armor. I got 4 of my magic kingdoms to 5* so far. I put Acolyte in just cause it has necro and stone link, combined with the double purple red flag gives me flexibility on filling up either gorgotha first (cause of aco’s stone link) or tds first (cause flag). In my head it’s the right lineup, but it has it’s problems, and it feels a little weird using the fourth troup for nothing but it’s traits. I never cast acolytes ability once.

Biggest rule in the game - use what works for you. Just because I like Gorg / Mercy doesn’t mean it works for everyone. And you can experiment. Try different combos. TDS is definately a good addition. I was just letting you know what I like. :smile:
There’s always room for improvement as your collection grows.

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