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Warden, what am I missing?

So I’ve been working through the classes one at a time. I’ve done Priest, Sorcerer, Knight, and now I’m working on the Warden. With every other class, I felt like there was nice synergy, giving quite a few nice fun teams.

Then there’s the Warden. I just can’t get him to really run anything fun. My deck seems to devolve into Giant Spider -> Black Manacles.

I’ve tried the Cauldron, the Anvil, Mountain Crusher. I even pulled out the Prey Seeker to combo with the Dire Wolves to see if I was missing something, but nothing seems to gel.

Anyone have a nice fun Warden Army that doesn’t feel like any other class would be working just as well?

The problem with warden in that its mythic weapon nor any troop in the Woods kingdom have nothing that works well with high armor. If there was a hero weapon that scaled off of armor and/or a troop in that kingdom that did so, then it would be decent. Blessed is a better trait than +5 armor to all. A brown/blue weapon that scales off of armor for hero would be ideal for Knight and Warden since both get high armor.

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The issue I see in comparison to most other classes is the lack of mana generation.

Brown mana creators are almost all random and rely heavily on luck. I’d recommend trying a team with Terraxis as it’s the only reliable mana generator.

I’d personally keep with the black manacles to add to the AoE damage, and going with the +2 Magic perk.

Throw in a Soothsayer and Blue catcher for good measure and I think it’d work fairly well. Or instead of Soothsayer, keep Giant Spider (or Green Slime, whichever), and add another Brown/Purple troop to catch the overflow.

No good suggestions for Beast or Trait synergy.

Giant Spider
Black Manacles
Could help keep Giant Spiders readily available, and take advantage of the Avenger trait on Warden.

That’s the best I got. Hope it helps. :worried:

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