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War in the North

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/war-in-the-north/
It’s time to grab your axe and head north!

New Troop: Dwarven Slayer

Life is generally grim for youngest children of Dwarven families. Dwarven inheritance and privilege pass only to the oldest children, with the younger ones left to fend for themselves in Dwarven society. In many cultures this may have led to intense rivalry, with siblings fighting against siblings, but that is not the Dwarven way.

Young Dwarves, with no chance of inheriting their family’s wealth, will take an axe and go seeking a glorious death in battle - it’s seen as preferable to a life of poverty, and if by a miracle one survives, then wealth and fame is theirs for the taking.

New Troop: Northrender

The northern tribesmen, or Northrenders as they prefer to be known, are a hardy race of folk who live near the coasts of Stormheim.

They are dour and taciturn, but also mighty warriors. Many folk believe there is more than a little Dwarven blood in their heritage.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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I realize he is just an Ultra-Rare, but 18 mana and self sacrifice for 45 damage vs 24 mana for certain kill (even through barrier) and gain of stats on Maw seems … really weak. If it was True Damage, maybe.

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What happens when one kills an enemy’s last troop with your own last troop which is Dwarven Slayer (via the glorious death route)?


Not everyone has Maw though… I’ve been calling him mini-maw :slight_smile:


No glory resource for death?

I guess it isn’t a truly glorious death. :wink:


Fair point. Another question, it’s a single cast spell, so if I had two of them I couldn’t blow up the 2nd?

Probably the same thing that happens when you kill off a Gloom Leaf with it’s 3rd trait that does enough thorns damage to kill your last troop (Never seen this however). I have to assume the attacker wins in both scenarios.

That’s a great idea! + a few Glory on casting would be an interesting dynamic.

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That would immediately become the most popular troop, more popular than Valkyrie.

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I suggest it’s the same as if your Berserker or thrall die gloriously whilst killing the last enemy unit ( via their spells which also damage themselves). You are still counted victorious.

He seems like he would be more useful in Arena, if you keep him alive.

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they should’ve named dwarven slayers spell… “BOOM-SHAKALAKA”

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Safe to assume so. It’s marked the same as other one-shot spells in the game files.

Oh, also:

Edit: text is still wrong for Dwarven Slayer, it’s supposed to be “[Magic + 40].” Will correct itself tonight.

Seems silly. I can understand one not blowing up twice, but if you’re foolish enough to use two of them, they should both be able to boom.


Probably the same thing that happens when the Sacrificial Priest sacrifices himself to kill the last enemy. You lose.

:newspaper: You have my sword. And you have my bow! And my Weekly Feedback Report! :gem::gem::gem:

Coming down from the north like a punk from the 80’s, we’re kicking off with the Dwarven Slayer!

With his instrument of destruction, this delinquent dwarf is readily bound to bash his cranium against his axe to smash your face! Possibly being one of the sickest deaths in Krystara history, a one-on-one against this kamikaze short-stack will end in a (brain) matter of seconds!

Our next warrior to take the stage is a coolheaded halfling with a unique approach. Northrender!

This brazen battler prefers helping his water-bound allies along with buffing himself. A cold strike will leave foes frozen while attempting the same against him will leave enemies in the cold. A true blue berserker at heart!

Speaking of blue this week’s leaderboards will be offering the Arcane Stoic Traitstone for the Ranked Rewards. So if that Winter Imp can’t wait any longer, what better time to make it snow than July?

Prepare yourself, there’s a Storm coming.

If new horseman, Plague, still eludes you or you can’t afford to trait that costly beast, Moloch can be your budget stat remover! Of course the excitable Goblin Rocket can’t steer you wrong. Finally, Valkyrie can mend that shattered soul of Mythic proportions.

Time to get yourself out of Deep trouble!

Ward off invaders with the Warden Class, or prep yourself for the oncoming season with the Autumnal Imp. And there’s no better way to worm out of danger than with the Rock Worm

:newspaper2: I personally prefer sticking closer to the equator, ice cream is as cold as I can get. :sparkle::ice_cream::sparkle:

Match you next time!


Northrender is surprisingly good for a common. His spell can add a lot of attack, and his traits are all really good for a front troop as well. Since he also creates blue, I believe he’d work wonderfully in front of a Mab/Valk team.

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Really? When I did that with my Sacrificial Priest, I won.

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This is what I was thinking too. Also, with having insulated counters Bone Dragons that in the front line of defence teams too.

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Wait hold up he is a real troop?! I thought he was in there to pull our leg and make us less trusting of the spoilers we were presented. I don’t even know how to handle this now. I mean yes he went from 50 to 40 but that is still a one shot-one kill spell of opness.