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Abominable Snowman

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/abominable-snowman/
Chill out with this week’s troop…

New Troop: Yeti

High up in the Glacial Peaks live a race of creatures known to the Fey as the Y’ti; the humans of Krystara know them as the Yeti though.

Possessed of thick fur, to protect themselves against the icy northern winds, these creatures can roam unharmed through the most bitter snowstorms. Their senses are sharp, and their ferocity unmatched, so much so that any northerners, Human and Fey alike, keep well out of their way.

PVP Icon

PVP Rewards

With the new PvP system in full swing, we’ve seen tens of thousands of players joining in the battle this week on Mobile/PC! It’s been the busiest week for Gems of War since our release in late 2014! We’re so glad you’re all enjoying it, and we’re also grateful for all the feedback we received about how to make 2.0 PvP even better.

That said, here are a couple of things to remember about PvP in 2.0:

  1. PvP Tier rewards are now collected during the event, rather than at the end of the week, so we won’t have a big reward list here any more in the blog post.
  2. Ranking rewards will be paid out based on your final position, via an in-game mail.

So join in next week’s event - even if you’re not competing for 1st, 21st or 201st, and trying to win some Arcane Spirit Traitstones, the Tier Rewards alone are way better than the old PvP System.

Also! Good news is that next week we’ll be extending the arcane traitstone rewards right down to position 1000 this coming week. You’ll see these update in the Rewards Popup in-game some time after the event starts.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Great news about the trait stones. Thanks, @Sirrian, to you and all the devs for this great game!


Will the traitstone for rank 1000 apply after next week? Or, is it just a limited time offer for next week only?


Is this 1,000 arcane extend going to be for all following weeks, or just this week?

Wondering what they were talking about. I thought from what i read we were getting an event that gave 1000 trait stones.

PVP ranks 1-1000 will receive traitstone rewards this week (and maybe other weeks).

If this applies to the following weeks i am going to have a blast.

Oh crap. If rewards are going to start extending that far down, (as I think they should forever), competition is going to seriously rank up! I didn’t give two shakes about the ladder before, but this kinda thing makes me want to care!


I think that is the reaction they were looking for.

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Yup, I was wondering if they’d do this. Too many people were feeling meh about the ladder since they felt there would never get to the arcane stones, and other than that it was just gold and souls. It’s a nice change to see :smiley:

Will there be a listing published of the final rankings (and PvP scores) so we can see everyone’s final position each week, not just our own?

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Stats are here:


A little realism here: Getting the 1900 points required for Tier 1 was enough to barely get you into the top 20,000 this week. Top 1000 is going to be at least 4-5x that. My 4,664 points this week had me in 7,000th place the last time I looked, and there are still six hours go to. We’re talking 15-20 hours gameplay minimum to make the top 1000 goal, all for the sake of ONE arcane traitstone? There are ways to farm challenges and get 1-2 arcane drops in an hour, and you can pick which arcane you’re after.


:newspaper: Snowed in with a cup of cocoa, cozy up with the Weekly Feedback Report! :snowflake::coffee::snowflake:

Get audible for this unstoppable abominable! This phenomenal indomitable is optimal to abolish an enemy popsicle, course you’ll be held accountable should this irascible beast be insoluble. It’s the formidable Yeti!

This myth of a monster only wishes his foes demise, which is why a strike from this sasquatch can freeze one in their tracks, which is just long enough for it to roll a snowball the size of itself to crush the fear stricken opposer. You’re gonna have to stay frosty to avoid this fatal encounter.

It’s been less than a week since 2.0’s release, and PvP Rewards are already seeing a slight buffing. Expect more exciting prizes, including Arcane Stones stretching far past the mere top 20! Compete for Arcane Spirit’s this week and truly ice your foes with Queen Mab!

If you’re not much of the offensive type, you can play it safe and go defense with the Arcane Shield Traitstone! Protect your allies by strengthening them with Luther. Play it safe with Templar. Or become an unstoppable force with the stampeding Behemoth!

Haven’t got any of the cool new Glacial Peaks troops you were hoping for yet? This week’s Event Chests have a high chance of offering just what you’re wanting! Hope you still have some Gems leftover. :gem:

:newspaper2: I’d put a ‘Christmas in July’ joke here, but we’re about two months off. Oops! :sunny::tropical_drink::sunny:

#Match you next time!
Patch Feedback Report, coming soon...


Not happy at all with the new daily reset time… Hmmm 5pm…what happened to 1am?

Old time gave me a few hours after work to play to increase rank.

It also meant that Sirrian and Nimhain had to be in the office at 1am, so that they could fix any issues that arose due to the changeover. This time slot is a bit more humane for them.


Fair enough

Just need to build enough lead so those under you can’t catch up. :wink:

This is a permanent feature.


This ontop of everything else, you and the team are amazing people that should get the nobel prize