Completing Faction rewards for Fang Moor

What Hoard level have people used to complete all Fang Moor’s factions rewards to 2,500?

Interested as I am struggling at around 2,200.

Many thanks.

@Lyrical Outside from event with Hoard 175. Chief dargon x2, Shaman of set, Setauri. Fang moor banner

The Gems of War Factions discord has it at average 191 hoard:


Thanks I will try that.
Not been using Shaman or Setauri.

2 x Chief then Horned Asp and Setauri Mage.

See if I get any further.

Thanks for the list - very interesting.

Not got the knack just yet.
Impatient with the Setauri and frustrated at being repeatedly vined!!

I will keep trying.

Would recommend this:

Chief Dargon
Chief Dargon
Shaman of Set
Horned Asp
Dragon Banner

Absolutely not a fan of Setauri. Its terrible when you’re winning and terrible when you’re losing… neither of which is ideal. Its also terrible if the other team has Impervious which can happen in the middle rooms.


I took a more defensive approach on this faction:


If I remember correctly, I tried to limit Dargon casts to keeping the number of skulls on the board low and/or to avoid board resets.

I went Chief, then 2x Asp, then Shaman as my team. Hoard 180. My “strategy” being to use the Asps to pound troublesome enemy units to death. Also to limit my casts with Dargon once I amped his attack “enough” as to try and minimize how much Red he would take from the Asps.

I personally think using even just one Asp is a waste of a troop slot. Below is copy paste from my write up from the Gems of War Factions discord.

Team:: 2 x Chief Dargon, Shaman of Set, Setauri
Banner: ++Red +Yellow -Brown
Hoard: 243 + 50% (no need to go this high, this is from times before hoard potions, pre 6.3 update)

Strategy: Buff your troops’ Attack firing your Chief Dargons as much as possible. Explode row that has lots of gem matches that benefit the enemy or use him to control the board and match 4-gem matches or skulls. My suggestion is to use two Dargons, in case things backfire during the path. It sucks to lose your only Dargon at Legendary room just before the boss as you need atleast one in the boss room. Shaman of Set is your mana generator and also inflicts Bleed on random enemy when casted. Dargon inflicts Bleed on Red gem matches. Setauri inflicts Bleed when casted and creates 6 skulls boosted by Bleeding enemies with x2 ratio. This means he will create a maximum amount of 14 skulls if all enemies have Bleed inflicted. You lose two created skulls for every enemy without Bleed status effect. Try to time your Setauri casts so that all enemies have Bleed inflicted and preferably +10 skulls on the board. Also it is a good idea to have at least Dargon or Shaman loaded up so that you can shuffle the board if the skulls created are scattered around as a 3-gem matches and you need to skull exchange with high attack enemy. However if you have raised your Attack enough and you need to get things going, you can go Hail Mary with just Setauri and hope that the skull reduction and RNG carries you. Chief Dargon has 50% skull reduction paired with the Potion of Armor at hoard level 130 which raises the total skull reduction to 63% which is no joke. Try to mana starve the enemy Chief Dargon and Setauri the best you can.


The biggest benefit of Asp is the ability to pass the turn without modifying the board when it gets dangerous, which is not something Dargon, Shaman, or Setauri can do.

After watching your video, basically every Setauri cast caused skull trades, some being pretty unfavorable. Hoard 243 + 50% covered that up since having 2 extra potions of power + hoard level difference gives a significant stat difference.

That last match could have ended very differently depending on hoard level…

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Asp’s spell damage adds up too. They fill up quickly using a 2x red banner, and every Shaman cast is almost guaranteed to fill both Asps’ mana (particularly since Dargon will often be sitting on full mana).

I found the hardest part to be keeping Dargon alive in the middle rooms. Dargon can afford to die in the last room after buffing the entire team’s attack, but I had to play it slow and keep randomness to a minimum to try and get there.

Good points!

I don’t have time to analyze my video, but I know I mostly use Setauri as a hail mary troop in tricky situations. In the boss room, if their Dargon gets a cast in, you have to be pretty aggressive in order to get the win. You can’t play it ultra safe or they will skull you down. I personally feel Setauri offers more than Asp when you look at the meta perspective. You don’t have to cast Setauri at all, but when it’s time, he can get you out of tight situations.

I have this poor clip saved, just shows the brutality of the boss room, no need to watch the whole thing:

But hey this is a new approach and I will definitely try out the double Asp team when I get some time! Interesting points for sure!

POTIONLESS (fairly easy with huge hoard!)
Feb 2022

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Btw @TheIdleOne I can’t help but pick on that hoard comment line. Stating that 243 hoard makes significant difference is something that needs to be looked up from few angles. Sure, it does add up quite a significant magic boost, which helps to get your attack boosted quicker.

However if we look this from survivability point of view, the HP stats gained are not much imho.

Example with 50% kingdom boost:

175 hoard

Attack 48
Magic 22
Life 96
Armor 96

243 hoard

Attack 66+14 = 80
Magic 33+14 = 47
Life 132+14 = 146
Armor 132+14 = 146

In the end you get less than 100 HP which doesn’t really help the survivability that significantly. Especially if enemy Dargon gets a cast in. In that situation the clock is ticking on enemy’s favour. You need to be aggressive, bump your attack and if it looks dangerous, attack first to get rid of Dargon AND Setauri asap. I feel Setauri helps you in this way. Also being able to control the board with two Dargons is pretty important, not to mention the skull reduction which is incredibly useful.

I have to say using just a single Dargon is not good idea imo. But what do I know really. :smile:

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Well I had time to try out this double Asp tactic. Not exactly a fan, but I can see and understand the benefits of using that team over the more RNG oriented teams. I am totally buying the “pass the turn without touching board” strategy. You can manipulate AI to make mistakes and hand over skulls to you this way. I still feel just a single Asp and two Dargons is the way to go if you feel Setauri is too suicidal… idk.

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Thanks very much for the advice. Finally succeeded in getting my first 2500 faction.

226 Hoard.

Went with 2x Chief

Had to get the final undefeated bonus victory using my alternative best team (not Fang Moor).

Just need to find a way of getting more pet food now!!

Any tips on this?

Think they need a new column for length of time each battle takes.

I agree with Hell gate - how do you prevent your troops from being killed?
Tinker town and Mirrored halls take me ages for each battle. (using faction teams).

Always do pet rescues, even if you already have the pet to level 20; you get pet food from the rewards + you can sell your excess pets beyond 20 for additional pet food by going to the pets’ Upgrade screen.

The Merchant offers in explore and delves often offer 10 pet food for 2500 gold; I usually take these offers.

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Thanks for the advice. Doing most of that but didn’t know about selling the excess pets - probably because I haven’t got any - yet!