A new "Gems of War Factions" discord server

Hello everyone!

A new “Gems of War Factions” discord server has been established and is up and running! The server moderators gather information from other members who have submitted their data and have created a crowd-sourced difficulty ranking for factions. The server has teams, videos, charts and spreadsheets other useful information regarding delving in general!

Come join us!


This really is a useful server to have. The team there are really helpful, supportive and full of tips to help you beat those factions.

They have a great chart on faction completed with what level hoards that has had so many users input data into it. So you can be confident going into a pure run that over a dozen others have done the run with that level hoard and it wasn’t just luck.

Definitely worth checking out


Pump for visibility.


Hot pump!

Constantly growing discord server with lots of information and guides and we would love to crack 1k members total!

Whether you are new player or a veteran, don’t hesitate to join!

I can’t run Discord on my PC. I hope, if there’s an important piece of information coming up in that chat, it will end up in the forum eventually.
Are you offering any other chat platforms about the subject?

Currently there are no plans on moving to other platforms. Maybe install discord on your phone?

Anyway, the main piece of information what we collect is this “Crowd sourced faction difficulty rankings”, where we have compiled succesful runs from users and then ranked the delves based on the average of hoard levels submitted. Basically it’s something like TimeKnight’s chart but ours is based on actual data. I guess I could start posting that chart when it gets updated. We update it couple times a month these days.


I also find the listings of individual PF teams and strategies to be way more organized and easy to find good info on the discord than on these forums, where some of the older threads are very long and hard to navigate

Thanks for making something so useful I love it :heart_eyes_cat:

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Super happy to read that!

I need to be clear about one thing, I joined the moderation team later on and will not take any credit of creating the server. The server was put together by Hemogoblin, Kallimatic and Pneuma and I was like WOW when I was sent the joining link! :sweat_smile:

Technical problems? Or what is the reason if I may ask?
You can install it on PC, or even start it from a usb-stick / portable version. Or you can log in via your webbrowser. You can also run discord on a mobile phone or a tablet. Or on all of it simultaneously.

The server hit a major milestone yesterday…

1000 members!

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and camaraderie! We look forward to continuing to make the server better and help as many with their factions as possible!

Thanks and onward to 2000!




This server is very useful and has a fun and vibrant community. If you join and say Dark sent you, you get a big box of nothing (box not included) :joy:
But seriously, you won’t regret joining.


Hello! Thank you for letting us know about the new Gems of War Factions discord server! I am excited to check it out and see the useful information and resources it offers. I appreciate the effort the server moderators have put into gathering information from other members and creating a crowd-sourced difficulty ranking for factions. I think this will be a great resource for anyone looking to improve their game and learn more about the different factions. Also, I can help you with moderating it. I have wide experience in moderating discord servers. You can visit these discord art communities to see how well they are doing, and that’s all because I am moderating them. :smiley:

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Time of pump for visibility.

September update!

We are aiming to release an update monthly from now on!