When will Wild Court be a Tuesday or Weekend Delve event?

It hasn’t been in 2022 at all. Last event was a Tuesday event in Nov 2021.

I’m trying to at least finish up the basics :slight_smile:

The Tuesday events always match whatever Kingdom is featured that week. During a Campaign, check the Artifact tab and scroll through the pages (unlocked or not) until you see a particular Kingdom background featured and that will let you know if there’s one upcoming.

IIRC, for Wild Court (Divinion Fields), it had Tuesday events during:

  • Campaign 2 (Ancient Sarcophagus) Week 4
  • Campaign 7 (Talisman of Wild Magic) Week 5

Outside a Campaign and weekend Faction Assaults … don’t know, I haven’t tracked them.

I know this isn’t an answer to your question directly, but I wanted to say that Wild Court is possibly the easiest delve to do pure faction 500 on without an event/potions. Wild Knight is one of the most overpowered “tank” troops in any delve. It gains life and attack on cast, as well as barrier and it puts out a hunter’s mark when it’s hit with a skull. Much like the bone golem in silver necropolis, you can just keep casting it until it can 1 hit skull anything and you can cruise through basically any match that isn’t full of entangles.

Save yourself the gems.


I know this.

My question is when will this be a Kingdom event :slight_smile: It hasn’t been since 2021.
And several other kingdoms had not once but twice in 2022.

I will keep that in mind next week when I start my background delves.

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I think I am already a member. :slight_smile: Checking the link.

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The next batch of Troop spoilers have filitered into Taransworld; nothing in the way of specifics on the troops themselves, but we’ve got tentative troop names and kingdoms/dates assuming those are accurate.

And if they are accurate, we’re scheduled to have a Divinion Fields week starting on February 13th, suggesting that the Wild Court will show up as the Tuesday event the next day.


Faction Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023 Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023 1 [Wild Knight] ID:6793 Fey, Knight **[Wild Court]