Beards of War

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It’s getting hairy in here…

New Troop: Lord Ironbeard

Once known as Lord Kegni Stonebottom of the Stonebottom Clan, Lord Kegni Ironbeard received his new name when he saved the Dwarven King’s life. The story goes something like this…

The battle was raging fiercely around them as the Dwarves of Khaziel fended off an attack by a group of marauding Orcs and Goblins. The Orc Warleader made a strong push in attempt to break the Dwarven lines; he rode forward on his giant Warg and hurled a massive black greatspear straight at the King. Without thinking, Lord Kegni leaped in front of the spear, which caught him squarely in the chest. As everyone looked on, fearing the worst, Kegni got to his feet and let out a massive roar! It seems his beard was SO lush and thick, that the Orcish spear never penetrated it! After the battle, his clan was renamed to the Ironbeards, and Lord Kegni received the honor of being named the King’s personal bodyguard.

New Troop: Apothecary

Most Dwarves spend their days digging holes, and hitting things with axes and hammers (simultaneously, if they can manage it). Not ALL Dwarves are like that though; some prefer to spend their time in more scholarly or artistic pursuits. The Dwarven Apothecaries are one such group, extracting the very essence of stone (which, coincidentally, might involve a little hammer-hitting), and brewing potions to fortify the Warriors and Miners who are so revered in Dwarven culture.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Where are all my people at asking for non-sexualized women in GoW? Here you go. I gotta admit though, she turns me on. Love the art as always team. Thank you for always making this game better.


Great to see a brown mana generator but how id love if she provided souls instead of gold.


That triple damage from Lord Ironbeard I could see coming in handy. Are we about to see a Dwarven Meta?! :open_mouth:

Oh no, it’s here. All gem converts are in the game.


Someone else mentioned it in another thread, but Lord Ironbeard might be the first troop that will benefit from not leveling/ascending.


His base attack is pretty high - it looks like fully leveled mythic, only 6 things in my current collection would have higher attack than him on turn 1 without team bonuses or trait activations. For example, he’d only have lower attack than a great maw if both were fully leveled and traited, but avoiding the last ascension and level could very well have him being lower, losing one magic but gaining forty for your spell cast.

However, if you are lagging on kingdom bonuses for your level (or post patch when every high end guild will get +3 attack), you’ll be able to take advantage of his triple damage on much more enemies. Not to mention if something with a random stat drain effect happens to hit his attack before his magic. He looks pretty okay even without the triple damage also.

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She is pretty weak but I like that she has blue… her, Valk and some skull generator(s) for me.

With troops getting new conditions like Lord Longbeard and the Orbweaver legendary trait, it would be cool if there were troops that have a slightly stronger ability, but have a “negative” effect on the team. For example, the Orbweaver class benefits greatly from being poisoned. You could make the Webspinner do 1 more damage than it currently does, but cause it to poison everything including allies. Webspinner already has poison immunity too and would allow for more strategic team building around such effects. Lord Longbeard would be good if he could get entangled. If there was something that an ally can use to entangle him when he is not in the lead position would be beneficial to him rather than a negative status effect.


Brown transformer, nice!

@Sirrian don’t forget you’re in a race with @death on the console side. As soon as he logs in to Gems from your neck of the woods tomorrow morning the jig is up on console. :grinning:

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Lol, yep he has 14 hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

So Khaziel becomes the first to hit twelve troops … meanwhile Adana is going FFFFFFFFFFFFFF …

How morbid! But true of us all…

New troops:


She is very similar as mercy too bad she dont start full mana she could be better then mercy since you can pick the color

Wow, that is a high attack. 19 fully upgraded and 25 with all 3 attack kingdoms 5 starred.

Pre-buffs (xxx Brand, in-battle boosting), a Mythic all-5* Ironbeard will apply to only (Mythic, 5*):

  • Marilith
  • War
  • Draakulis
  • Kruarg the Dread
  • Winter Imp
  • Dragon Cruncher
  • Hippogryph
  • Savage Hunter
  • Shadow-Hunter
  • Tyri
  • Abhorath
  • Anointed One
  • Bunni’Nog
  • Hydra
  • Infernal King
  • Summer Imp
  • The Silent One
  • Venoxia

18 troops in total. Purposefully withholding one Attack point will make him effective against 25 additional targets. However, if you’re keeping him at level 19, he actually loses two Attack points, which makes him effective against an additional 30 targets. So my advice is to keep him at level 19.

Troops with more than 19 Attack - Ironbeard at 20, 18 natural targets
Troops with exactly 19 Attack
Troops with exactly 18 Attack
Troops with more than 17 Attack - Ironbeard at 19, 73 natural targets


So Ironbeard’s lore suggests he should have 100% damage reduction from Skulls :wink:


Especially paired with Guardians

Iffy, iffy mechanics. The fact that this is the most viable way … argh.

I’m sure the devs will address it somehow!

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