Wandering Merchants - Loot Table


Another stupid one. Random Programming at it’s…well I think we all know what the word is here.


Updated the chart up to this point!

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You can add 3 x Tokens of Aranaea for 60 gems

Let me know when it’s enough. :wink:

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Spotted from The Merchant:

  • 3 Celestial Traitstones (60 Gems)

(I have a screenshot taken, but this is Switch so I’d have to offload it first)

I still suspect the Merchant/Angel and Genie/Daemon draw from the same tables, but we shall see how the data goes.

Another one that doesn’t seem to have been reported yet:

10 white pet food - 5000 gold

Captura de tela 2023-02-23 073755

Captura de tela 2023-02-23 075721

Captura de tela 2023-02-23 075934

100,000 gold for 2 mythic ingots. Lol.

I guess someone would buy it… ?

It definitely feels like whoever comes up with those price tags doesn’t know anything at all about the game. Maybe we should ask them to also add book offers, like 10 rare books for 5000 gold. Green is rare, right? :smirk:


The disconnect between the prices on these offers and the prices for Daily Deals/Arena offers suggests that as well. Or it suggests that separate “teams” worked on the development of the two features.

And since the Merchant can be “farmed” to some extent, there’s probably less of a reason to buy from Daily Deals or the Arena than there was previously; not only are certain things not a good value, but one can put in the effort and “sweat equity” to get the offer through the Merchant if they wish to in ways that can’t be done in the other modes.

We’re getting to the point where almost everything (especially for Merchant) has already been reported. Feel free to keep sending data, and if you think you got something new from any of them, go ahead and check the chart before submitting :wink:

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I didn’t take a screenshot, but I was offered 1 Sacred Treasure by the Angel (and pet food :stuck_out_tongue: ). That one is still missing from the spreadsheet, from what I can see

Thank you!

Of note - it’s currently unclear (although seems likely) if the Genie and Daemon pull from the exact same buffs/debuffs. More data would be appreciated!


Need to know spawn chances for individual offers next!