Wandering Merchants - Loot Table

This thread can be used to record data for the offers of the four Wandering Merchants introduced in 6.8. Please mark your posts with which merchant’s data you are contributing - Merchant, Genie, Angel, or Daemon. For the Merchant, please include the cost of items.

Click here for a chart!


Are screenshots okay? I took screens of all of them so far.

Yes! And here is the chart thus far.


You can add these:

Angel (screenshots taken, but pending):

  • Vault Key (1?)
  • Celestial Traitstone (x1)
  • Color Pet Food (x10)
  • Token of Nysha (x1)


  • Buff: Stun all enemies
  • Debuff: Death Mark all allies
  • Buff: +10% stat boost (Armor, Attack, Life, ?)
  • Debuff: -10% stat (Armor, Attack, Life, ?)

It’s always possible the Genie and Daemon share the same table (but we don’t know that for a fact, yet)

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I’m mainly interested in if the merchant offers are equally likely. It would take a ton of data collection to figure that out, though.

Thanks for the table!

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Our alliance made a sheet as well. If people actually fill it out, we can cross share. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was a chore for 6 dungeon doors, let alone all these offers :grimacing: If someone wants to do it, go for it!

I strongly suspect it isn’t though I have no proof to provide.

I just can’t imagine Tokens of Nysha and Tokens of Anu being offered at the same rate as some of the easier ones like Deeds and Lower Treasures. I’ve seen Yellow deeds and Dragonites 3 times each already, but haven’t seen half of that list for sale yet. No, that’s not enough to prove anything of course.

Edit: Make that 4 Dragonite offers where I bought the other item instead

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Current status

there’s also a 4 gem key for I believe 9k gold. Don’t have a screenshot and I’m not tracking any of this heavily. Just something to keep your eyes out for.


Between the Merchant and Angel (likewise, Genie and Daemon) it might help to organize same/similar offers in same/parallel rows.

This one is silly - it converts all skulls to doomskulls and then to blocks. :joy:

Can’t check list right now so I just uploaded all I got.

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The Demon:
Stun all enemies at the start of the battle
Convert all skulls to block gem at the start of the battle

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Merchant : 3 nysha tokens 500 gems or 10 Ur Ingots for 4,000 gold

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Writs for gold is great. One of the best value offers here, and it’s in the gold slot.

It’s wild how most of these are totally absurdly useless, but a few are fantastic.


One of my merchant offers was 5 legendary ingots for 50,000 gold.

The Angel offers 15 dragonite, 10 color pet food, and 3 legendary ingots

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I got 1 Imperial Deed from an angel just now, not bad.