6.8 Update: Treasures & Temptations

The year is still so long, and there are still so many more players to milk…

Yeah I don’t “choose” to really do it either, but during vault events and GaP speed farming is the go-to method. Which brings me back to my initial point - constant spam offers while speed farming is annoying.

So I’m not really sure what your contribution or point of reply to my comment was as it wasn’t completely relevant to the point I made.

it didn’t say ONLY one random enemy. clearly a random enemy was blessed. four times.

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His reference was specifically to 24 vs 12, which is the difference between bulk and standard size. That doesn’t happen under most circumstances otherwise no one would buy the 24.

1 can vs 6 can is a little strange. The 6 packs you’re referring to aren’t the small versions that some vendors are selling, are they? Completely different sku. Those 6 packs, for the health conscious people I guess? I don’t even know who the target audience for it is, tend to cost more for less volume of soda.

I’ve also seen 6 cans with the plastic tops, but for me, those are usually from smaller markets (where I’m from, I suspect they just buy them from Costco and section them off to sell at their own smaller markets). But those are the same places that jack up the price of a can to $1-$1.50 (or more) and bottles to $2+ since they know anyone that needs a drink at that moment will pay the mark up… which then makes it weird to have it as the same price as 6 packs.

I don’t know, you get me on that one, that makes no sense to me. There would be no reason to buy the 6 pack at that location. I had to think to make sure it wasn’t a 1 refrigerated can vs 6 pack sitting on a shelf, but that would just lean it towards the 6 pack being cheaper.

I’m Lv.1160-ish and absolutely still need Ingots (mostly Legendary, some Mythics). Your character level is just a number, and IMO a poor indicator of what resource types you are necessarily looking for.

The Merchant occasionally offers Dragonite for sale (150 Gems for 30) but that is the only change right now. Otherwise, there are still 10 monthly updates before the year is over.

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Just linking this thread so everyone sees it. Data collection is going well. Wandering Merchants - Loot Table - #3 by NerdieBirdie


True, I was mostly thinking of people who are at the deed book stage of the game. If you buy individual deeds to craft into books, it costs some ungodly number of gems, like 300,000 total.

how could you choose anu over ingots???


I saw this update and the 1st thing I do is come to the forum to see what’s up. Treasures & Temptations? I read these comments and had my popcorn by my side. Some found treasure and some felt tempted to leave this game (maybe for the umpteenth time :rofl:).

The devs had some us of waiting outside their shop like we were waiting for the latest iPhone. Instead, it felt like they gave out a box of chocolates :rofl: (with Gems of War you never know what you’re going to get :sweat_smile:).

Man please, I’m going to play through this update and see how I feel. I will let you know though that any resource I get to pay for with gold is a plus because I do have gold coming out of my butt, but as for paying with gems, (I don’t have gems coming out of my butt); I guess I have to grind the vault for that… oh look, vault keys cost gems… :rofl::joy::sweat_smile: (better than costing more, I guess :woman_shrugging:).

I’m with you on this, but for me, the forum is my show. :grinning::popcorn:


After trying this new update out, I can gather a simple fact: they basically took daily deals in a new direction and are promoting yet another gem sink so that we are more likely to pay for gems.

Nice try devs, but I am not falling for it.

Treasures and Temptations needs to be reworked (just ike dungeons). Again, the idea was good (a way to get power levels up for end gamers and helpful resources for newer players), but it just gets in the way of everything.

You thought mimics were annoying during vault weekend? This update is even worse than that I fear.

I am sorry to ask after such a brief time with this but we need a response @Kafka @Jeto or anyone else.

Trust me when I say this, but the player base will be even smaller after people grow weary of this or thier gem stack is depleted…

For me, it’s not about the price, but availability.

Say, I failed to get a perfect run, buy daily 60 Dragonnites offer in Dungeon, but I still want more, what can I do?

The only way right now is to play until I get Dragonite Gnome, which is unrealistic outside Vault Event. So I don’t even try.

Now, every explore battles I do have a chance to spawn Dragonnite offer. It’s the same price as the daily Dungeon deal, but it can appear more, and more affordable.

I’m already have all 6 dragons, so it’s the matter of how quick I can get 3K Dragonite for Diamantina now, so I can be done with Dragonite issue. So more offers for it are appreciated, as it’s a way to speed up my progress.


I don’t think we even have 24 packs over here very often. But I’m in Germany so that may be why it’s so different.

6 packs are the standard, usually. Some things come in 12 or 24 packs (mini soda cans do).

I just tried to say that it’s not universally true (worldwide) that bulk = cheaper.

Sometimes bulk costs more. But over here it’s law that you have to add price per unit (could be piece, 100g, 1000g, liter or whatever so you can compare directly).

Over here it’s usually the case that buying one unit out of a 6 pack (if sold separately) costs the same per piece as buying 6. It’s basically just bundled for convenience.

No idea how it is in Australia for example.

1600 vs 1160 is a huge difference.

Still makes me wonder, I’m pretty sure I had more than enough at level 1100. But it could have to do with how developed your underworld is.

I was only throwing out an arbitrary number. But there would surely be ways to figure one out (or tie it to something different).

But I’m pretty sure that at level 1300 at the latest you’ll be swimming in ingots (plus orbs of ingots.

Yeah the idea is fine, but the offers pop up needs to be sped up. It takes over 5 seconds from clicking out of the battle until the offer shows up, which is 1/3 to 1/2 of the length of another battle…

That’s definitely a fair distinction.

More like an anti vault event mechanic.

Since I’m nearly done with my dragon nonsense I will say that again.
How often will a dragonite offer even appear? And how will the exchange price be? How many completely useless offers will I have to click away instead that only waste my time? Yeah, I’ll say it again.
The Wandering Merchant System - Just more nonsense to click away, wasting time.


Instead of using level, they could use renown. The point being, they could tune gem deals better if they wanted to. I’m at maximum renown (90,000), which gives me 68 random ingots a day. I haven’t needed ingots in years.

You get ingot deals when you don’t have enough fully upgraded weapons for a kingdom. The problem is, I’m guessing most people stuck there either need the weapon itself, or they need forge scrolls for doomed/cursebreaker weapons, and ingots don’t help in either case. The ingot deal is the most annoying for me right now, followed closely by the single event key deal.

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Playerbase for years: There are entirely too many clicks involved in explore.

Devs: Have another couple of clicks


Also, kinda expected the 4 Wandering Merchant to be a new troops, oh welll…

Mercy for Angel and Shahbanu Vespera for Genie fit very well though, there is nothing else that work better.

Helgor the Guardian for Daemon is a curious choice though, when there are multiple Daemon/devil-like troop to pick from. I guess he does look like traditional Lucifer, so that’s something. It’s a bit weird now he was picked for both this and as enemy in Delve’ Gnome room.

I’m not a fan with Finley for merchant. I guess there is not a lot of options, but this upcoming City of Thieves’ Deep troop will work a lot better.