6.8 Update: Treasures & Temptations

Iv shortened it in another post.

Daemon and genie
Fun possibly usable in delves.

In explore useless, there designed for possible buffs.
But no one does explore without a team that is guaranteed win.
Its thd grind mode, so genie and daemons.
Useless time consuming annoying.

Well, I don’t agree because of simple fact.
They could not touch dungeon at all and we would gain nothing from it. It would be just 3 fights each day like for previous 6 years.

Because of simple change they added some ‘thrill’ to dungeon. Of course it’s not perfect, but it can now be fixed easily. Just the idea was a bull’s eye.

I didn’t force buying dragonite, I decided to make it slow, just with the flow of the game. I just got my 5th dragon yesterday and because of my poor luck it felt really good.

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Did the update somehow roll back the error you fix with Zhu’kari’s Kingdom Pass troops?

It’s now showing blank and placeholder image again, like it was using incorrect directory.

Not a big issue though, just a visual bug can be solve easily on server side. Still would like to see them unbroken again. :sweat_smile:

Mine are fine. :thinking:

The buffs/debuffs also do not stack. I received a debuff (-10% from some stat) from a demon deal early in a delve, and was met later with a genie who threatened the same debuff, then gave me it. No extra punishment! This kind of sucks. I wanted to eventually have a super lucky run where I was getting +10 on purple matches or something crazy.

Overall, I’m enjoying the new mechanic. I grind explore quite a bit, but it is not my life’s work. The grind is far more rewarding with random Anu tokens from time to time. I think it will be a good equalizer for mid-level players to catch up, as they can purchase needed deeds from the merchant.


This has been a great addition!!


The hardest choice of my entire life.

Are the rewards completely random?


Yup I was even offered 3 Nysha Tokens by The Angel. Spoiler:I took the tokens, ikr

No, here is the table!


My impression is that the merchant deals for gold are usually a good value while the deals for gems are usually so-so. I’ve purchased the 10 colored pet food for 2500 gold every time it has been offered for example, but 150 gems for 3 deeds or 65 gems for 10 diamonds I will pass.

Of course when the angel drops in to give me free stuff, often really good stuff too, I’m never going to complain about that.

The Deamon and Genie propositions are sometimes interesting and sometimes pointless, but maybe someday one will help make a pure faction delve run just slightly easier so I don’t mind them.


The deeds are a great value - but that’s endgame content.

At some point, deeds will be what’s holding you back from progressing.

Just gotta be careful not to overspend. :sweat_smile:


Nah, I don’t agree with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m at the point where all I really need for progression are deeds and medals too, but that doesn’t make any price for them a good value to me.

50 Gems per deed means 2500 Gems per Book, and 30 Books per Kingdom to go from level 15 to 20 means you would be spending 75000 Gems per Kingdom.

To me that’s just too many gems for getting the stat boost quicker. I’ll just wait for the deeds to become more readily available naturally over time, like the pattern has been for all past once-scarce resources. If that’s the path you want to take all the power to you, but I’ll continue to pass on that offer.

I certainly understand you not buying the deeds, as it’s pretty expensive to buy enough deeds to craft books. But I am buying them, because with all non-cosmetic pets and doom weapons maxed, there really isn’t any other good place to invest my gems besides buying tier 3-4 in guild events.

As @sylverscale said, this is mainly for late/end game players. I would NOT recommend early/mid game players or gem-poor players buy deeds.


I get at least 300 gems per day doing nothing but grabbing tribute. That doesn’t take any vault keys, gems from guild or anything else into account. That’s basically 4 free deeds.

Now I could let my gems accumulate and wait for deeds to come through other means - but does nothing for me to improve my game.

The value is good to me because of the lower price point compared to daily offers.

If you still want/need to buy other things like pet copies for example, then sure, keep gems for that (or spend orbs, those exist as well now). But if deeds are the only things that are holding you back, and you’ll have the gems, then it’s a good offer.


You sign in.

Every hour, 10 hours a day.


Gems developers need to start doing those coins that alcoholics get in america if they stay sober​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

For mobile it’s super easy. The notification pops up and 2 taps you are done. 3 sec max.


Damn wish they had cross platform.
For us xbox users.

You guys so lucky

Yeah, on console that’s a bit more complicated for sure. Can’t put your Xbox in you pocket to whip out roughly every waking hour (plus minus some times when it’s not possible). :sweat_smile:

And you get notifications.

Tell you what.
You guys get everything.

We cinsole users should pay less for minday troop

The in-game database has been broken ever since the second batch of Guardian troops were introduced. No-one at Inf+2 seems to care, though. Even though fixing the core issue would likely stop all these other bugs from occurring.

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