Wandereing merchants and xp bonus

have the wandereing merchants been removed while running the xp booster. i have ran 2 xp boosters and no metchants appeared,

i know 30 min is a small sample. i was wondereing if there is anything offical on this

As far as I am concerned they have disappeared altogether. I do not use the XP booster and yesterday it took a full hour to get just one merchant.

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I would hope not, as I regard merchant/angel offers as much more valuable than experience (and I’m pretty sure, that is not just me), but if this is true, I will make sure to activate experience boost right before I log out in the future.

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I had merchants in my XP run yesterday and I fully agree with Jerog on their potential value and still welcome seeing them.

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The wandering merchant is a relatively low probability event to begin with, even with the generous assumption that you’re exclusively fighting battles that allow him (or his brethren) to appear after a victory.

Without more information, it’s difficult to fully and properly judge, but I suspect your experience is most likely part “confirmation bias” and part “bad RNG luck”.

Me? I have a tendency to use a 15 minute booster in the evenings when I’m speed-running my three daily delves (at level 50); I’ve learned that I can get 27 battles done in ~14 minutes, and this gives me 24 opportunities to find a Merchant or Angel (because they can appear after any battle other than the final boss room). And I see visitors often enough, even if it’s neither as frequently as I’d like nor do they often offer the handful of things I’m pursuing.


I still see the merchant system working during my xp runs

Yep, you’re simply unlucky.
I just had a merchant on first explore battle after booster start.